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Celeste Barber has been killing it lately. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s the 33-year-old Australian comic who posts hilarious parodies of celebrity pictures on Instagram (you know that’s sure to be a hit with this InstaAddict, right?). I won’t lie to you: at first, I thought maybe it was a little mean. The whole mercilessly poking fun at people thing didn’t seem to gel with my fierce belief in raising women up—until I realized that it totally does.

Celeste takes highly stylized, completely staged photos of some of the most beautiful women in the world and points out to us regular girls that they’re not real. Nothing about them. From the poses to the hair and make up, there is nothing natural about them. No matter how bad the girls in them might want you to believe it, they’re not candid shots. They’re specifically designed to show these women at their absolute best.

And pointing out that little fact again and again and again? It makes us mere mortals feel less terrible about ourselves in comparison. In fact, it makes us laugh our asses off at the ridiculous lengths some people will go to to get a flattering angle. And for that, she is a Bad Ass Babe.

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My vagina is funnier than yours. #celestechallengeaccepted #celestebarber #funny

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The struggle is real. REALLY fucking real. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #bugaboo

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Fuck you gravity. #celestechallengeaccepted #saraunderwood #funny #gravity #playboy #playmate

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I honestly cannot choose a favorite, these all make me laugh so hard.

Who would you like to see Celeste Barber imitate?

Written by Jennifer Garry
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