Pillsbury Biscuits chicken pot pie puffs

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that September puts me into clean slate mode. There’s something about back-to-school that makes a routine seem so appealing. Maybe it’s because there are suddenly so many activities and schedules are much more rigid. A good routine just seems to make everything flow better.

Only a week has gone by since my big kid went back, but I’ve already started to slowly attempt to find a new day-to-day routine. It’s going to take more than a week, but I’m making progress.

Since I work from home it can be hard to stick to a set schedule (ok, it’s impossible), but I’ve been trying to check emails and update social media (or at least schedule them to update) in the mornings while my ladies are eating breakfast. Once Sam is on the bus, I try to claim chunks of time to work throughout the day while Ellie is playing or napping (if she’s napping). Slowly but surely we’re settling into a new routine.

I’ve also promised myself (and my husband) that I’m going to cook more, which is more than a little amusing since just about everything I’ve cooked to date has been with my husband giving me instructions.

When Pillsbury reached out and wanted me to make something yummy with one of their recipes (you can download their recipe booklet with super easy weeknight dinner ideas here), I was all for it—especially when I saw their chicken pot pie puffs recipe. My husband happens to be a huge fan of chicken pot pie so I knew he’d not only be happy that I cooked something, but his stomach would be thrilled too.

Pillsbury Biscuits chicken pot pie puffsMy favorite part about this (other than the fact that it was freakin delicious), was the fact that it was so easy. I was a little intimidated by the pretty picture of perfect little puffs on the website and gave in to the idea that mine would never look like that. But you know what? They kind of did!

The whole thing took about 20 minutes of hands on time thanks to the fact that we regularly keep a batch of grilled chicken in the fridge. It makes a healthy, home-cooked dinner a trillion times easier when you don’t have a lot of time to work with. We can throw some chicken on a salad, fill a wrap with some, pour a little BBQ sauce on and make a sandwich—the possibilities are endless and these little chicken pot pie puffs are one of my favorite new possibilities.

All I had to do was chop some chicken and throw it into a bowl with a can of soup and some mixed veggies before filling the biscuits with my mixture in a muffin tin (I made sure to pick all of the peas out of a couple because I hate the things). Easy peasy and so delicious.

Have you found yourself settling into a new routine since the kids have headed back to school? If easy recipes are part of your routine, please send them my way! This busy momma can use all the help she can get! I think the Pillsbury taco melts recipe is the next one I’m going to try!

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