DIY Halloween decor| creepy halloween glasses

I’m a big fat Halloween dud. Some people get way into the whole creeptacular decorating thing (I’m specifically looking at my sister, who started decorating for Halloween in August. August!), but I’m usually the last minute scrambler. And the scrambles usually come because the girls start looking forlorn and sighing and saying “We didn’t decorate for Halloween yet!”

This, my friends, is when the mom guilt clicks up to high and the DIY brain shifts to overdrive. Or something. Basically, I freeze momentarily and say: how do I get all of the Halloween decorations for very little money and, like, immediately?

Enter this roundup of DIYs that should take less than ten minutes each… which I totally didn’t put together for my own benefit (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Pick and choose your favorites (or, you know, the ones with supplies that are easiest for you to access) and take a half hour here and a half hour there to bang them out. By the end of the week, the kids will completely forget that you’re the worst because you’ll suddenly be the coolest.


8 Quick & Easy Halloween DIYs That Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

DIY Halloween Decor in Ten Minutes or Less

DIY Halloween decor | Halloween wreathspooky wreath

DIY Halloween decor| creepy halloween glasses

creepy Halloween glasses

DIY Halloween decor | bloody windowsbloody windows

DIY Halloween decor | witch's legs

witch’s legs

DIY Halloween decor | bug lamp

bug lamp

DIY Halloween decor | bloody candle

bloody candles

DIY Halloween decor | mice on the stairs

mice on the stairs (tutorial here)

DIY Halloween decor | floating witch hats

floating witch hats

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Written by Jennifer Garry
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