kids bored jar

kids boredom buster jar

I mentioned last week that I put together a little Bored Jar inspired by a few different projects I saw on Pinterest (just searching “boredom busters” there brings up an endless array of ideas for any age group). I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek at our jar and some of the things Samantha has done with it.

First, I collected a bunch of ideas for activities. I picked things specific to Samantha and things that I knew she could do with little to no help since I was hoping the activities would keep her occupied whenever I need to get some work done. I mixed creative activities, learning activities and chores (she happens to like all three).

kids boredom buster jar: sticks

You can certainly make your popsicle sticks prettier than mine (I was in a rush, alright? No judging!). In fact, Samantha has already decided that she’s going to paint them (the next time she’s really bored, of course). If you’re interested in my full list of activities, shoot me an email here!

After I wrote out a bunch of sticks (which I picked up at the dollar store, by the way), I found a pretty mason jar to keep them in. Obviously a glass jar is not ideal for all age groups, but I knew Samantha would like that it signified that this is a Big Girl thing. Plus, she’s very mature for her age and I know she can handle it (cue me eating my words in the near future).

Easy enough, right? The part that takes the most time is thinking up fun (different!) activities that you know your child will like. But you could do that during Project Runway commercial breaks!

Here’s some of the fun Sam has had with this jar so far:

kids boredom buster jar: making circle artkids boredom buster jar: circle artkids boredom buster jar: choreskids boredom buster jar: diy tshirtkids boredom buster jar: scrapbooking

Written by Jennifer Garry
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