18 Fun and Easy DIY Kids Valentines for the Classroom - candy and non candy ideas for school #free #printable

I collected a bunch of super cute DIY kids valentines for school. These are fun and easy and can be personalized with a little creativity. There are also both candy and non-candy ideas—a little something for everyone!

Valentines have come a loooooong way since I was ripping perforated sheets and signing my name to them in the 90s. These days, it’s much more likely that glue guns and heavy parental input is involved. That’s ok, but I’m a firm believer in making sure the kids get their hands in there. It is, after all, their thing—even if momma has a vision.

I took to the interwebs and collected eighteen super cute DIY kids valentines that think outside the store-bought box and can be improved with a little bit of kiddie creativity. Whether it’s splattering the things in stickers, glitter glue, or drawing little pictures for their friends, kids can take these ideas and totally make them their own.

I also made sure to collect both candy and non-candy ideas (or valentines that can be customized to your needs) so that parents who don’t want all that sugar or who are making sure to keep kids with allergies safe are happy too.

18 fun DIY kids valentines for school

18 Fun and Easy DIY Kids Valentines for the Classroom - candy and non candy ideas for school #free #printable #nonfood

Seed packet valentines – a cute printable envelope that you can fill with seeds for planting

You a-MAZE me printable – perfect for pairing with mini mazes

I spy printable – add a mini magnifying glass… and maybe a googly eye or two

Printable for foam fingers – a fun, original idea

Free pencil printable – pair this printable with cute pens or pencils

Valentine pillow box printable – you can fill these cute woodland animals pillow boxes with any treat you want

18 Fun and Easy DIY Kids Valentines for the Classroom - candy and non candy ideas for school #free #printable

Color my world printable – a little washi tape and some crayons or colored pencils finishes this one off

Sunglasses valentine printable – a PDF and cut file for little cards you can wrap around a pair of sunglasses

You rule printable valentine – cut little slits at the top and the bottom and slide a ruler in

You make my heart pop popcorn balls – popcorn ball recipe and free printable included

Star Wars valentine printables – print these out and personalize them any way you want

Lip balm valentine printable – pair with your favorite lip balm to tell them they’re the “balm”

18 Fun and Easy DIY Kids Valentines for the Classroom - candy and non candy ideas for school #free #printable

Bear hugs printables – my 6-year-old can’t wait to pass these out with gummy bears this year

Rainbow unicorn printable – add a unicorn horn or rainbow-colored candy and you’ve got a super sweet valentine

Recycled seed paper hearts – friends can plant the whole heart in a pot and watch it grow

Candy love bugs craft – we did something similar with a little bag of Hershey’s kisses one year and it was a huge hit

DIY heart crayons – melt down tiny broken crayons to make chunky multi-colored rainbow crayons

Superhero valentine printables – I love the idea of pairing these with masks!

18 fun and easy DIY kids valentines for the classroom - candy and non candy ideas - #printable

If you have a valentine vision that you just have to see come to life, you could always sit down with your kids and craft away to make some for your friends or coworkers. They might think you’ve lost it, but everyone in your house will be happy and that’s what counts, right? Do you, girl. Do you. 😉

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Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.