simple DIY body butter with coconut oil and shea butter #handmadegift #diygift #diyskincare

I recently perfected the recipe for the best DIY body butter ever—the mother of all DIY body butters, if you will. Get your pinning finger ready, because you are definitely going to want to save this one for later!

I originally posted a recipe for a creamy, luxurious DIY body butter just in time for Mother’s Day back in 2013. It was pretty awesome, but it had one drawback: you had to refrigerate it in the warmer months to keep it from melting because it was coconut-oil based. Now, I love me some coconut oil so I was not about to eliminate it from the recipe. But I did find a way to make it hold on to its creaminess.

Today, I’m completely updating that post to give you an even better recipe that doesn’t require refrigeration and that makes the perfect budget-friendly gift for any lady in your life (yourself included) who might need a little pampering.

My daughters, who are experts in the art of papering, are obsessed with this stuff and have been slathering it all over themselves ever since I made it. Note to self: double the recipe next time and stash some where they can’t find it! 😉

simple DIY body butter with coconut oil and shea butter #handmadegift #diygift #diyskincare

I’m in love with coconut oil. Just ask my mom and my sister. My incessant raving about the stuff turned them into devotees too. But, come on! It’s amazing. There are a million and one uses for coconut oil. Seriously. You can eat the stuff, rub it all over your body, moisturize your hair, treat skin issues… the list goes on and on and if I don’t stop talking about it I’ll never get to the real point of this post.

Recently, I’ve also become a really big fan of shea butter. Another incredible moisturizer, it’s also loaded with vitamins and a 2010 study found it to be anti-inflammatory—which gets big points with me since my rosacea often leaves my face angry and inflamed.

So what would happen if I combined these two super moisturizers to make the mother of all moisturizers?! Well, after poking around on the internet a bit, I was confident enough to attempt a coconut oil and shea butter DIY body butter mash up.

coconut oil body butter recipe

DIY Body Butter with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

Most of the recipes I stumbled on recommended one thing: using one part shea butter to one part oil—and most used more than one oil. Figuring you can’t go wrong with an extra moisturizing boost, I decided to add some olive oil (another super effective moisturizer which I’ve already used on my skin and love).

The basic recipe is this: 1 cup shea butter + 1/2 cup coconut oil + 1/2 cup olive oil + 15-20 drops of essential oil to make it smell scrumptious. I used peppermint oil with a splash of vanilla extract because it’s one of my favorite combos.

To melt the shea butter, I cut off a few slices and microwaved it in a Pyrex measuring cup in 15 second intervals. Since coconut oil becomes a liquid at about 80°F, I added that next (stirring while keeping an eye on the measurement). Next, I added my olive oil and essential oils.

making DIY body butter

Once everything was mixed together, I put the measuring cup in the refrigerator for at least a half an hour. You want your mixture to start thinking about becoming a solid before you whip it. I waited until the edges hardened and then poured it into my KitchenAid mixer, put it on high, and walked away. You can also do it with a hand mixer, but I liked being able to clean up and make dinner while the mixer did its thing. Once peaks start forming (like when you’re making whipped cream), you’re good to go.

If your mixture seems to have trouble getting creamy, you may have to let it cool a little longer. Just leave it there while it does it’s thing and when it seems a little bit harder, try again.

Once it was ready, I scooped the body butter into a mason jar and found a pretty piece of fabric to place between the metal top and the ring. Add some ribbon (I used raffia) and a pretty gift tag and you have a sweet little gift. I think it’s great for Mother’s Day (maybe with a homemade body scrub?), but that’s probably because this momma could use a little pampering. It would also be good for a teacher or hostess gift—or even as a party favor in cute little quilted mason jars.

DIY body butter with free gift tag printable

Need an adorable little gift tag to pull the whole thing together? Click here to have a free printable of the gift tag shown above delivered to your inbox.

One thing is for sure: no matter who you give it to, they’re going to love it. It’s soft and creamy and melts right into your skin. It was exactly what my dry hands were needing. Better yet, you can use this butter anywhere on your body—including on your face and in your hair!

Note: if you’ve never used an oil-based cream before and are wondering about the greasiness factor, I totally get it. When you first put it on, it might feel a little weird to you, but give it a few minutes. I like to slather it on when I get out of the shower and then do my hair and makeup while I give it a chance to sink in. Once it does, your skin is left feeling soft and incredible.

DIY body butter

Written by Jennifer Garry
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