How to Make a Spooky (and Simple!) DIY Halloween Wreath

Sometimes I go through these phases where I feel like my creativity well has completely dried up. Every idea that I have seems to originate from Pinterest (which I usually love but all of a sudden detest) and it sends me into a downward spiral that ends up in me asking my husband what I’m doing with my life.

I was in this particularly attractive frame of mind the other day when I roped my sister into making a Michaels run with me. I had decided that the lack of Halloween decorations in a house with two small children was straight up insane in the membrane (yeah, I really just said that). Also, I thought maybe I could kickstart some sort of creativity button and get the heck out of my funk.

I walked around for about ten minutes whining to my sister that I had no original ideas until I found a cheap (and equally cheap-looking) black wreath. You know the kind. The artificial fir that is everywhere during the holidays, only this one is black. That cheap (kind of ugly) wreath saved my husband from weeks of pretending to listen to my existential dilemma.


How to Make a Spooky (and Simple!) DIY Halloween Wreath

I’ve never been a huge Halloween person. It’s kind of my sister’s thing. They deck out their house in creepy cool decorations as soon as the school buses roll out in September. She’s got a village in her window and skeletons and ghouls that seem to jump out at you when you’re trying to get to the bathroom (not very safe after having two children, thank you very much).

My problem is that most Halloween stuff just isn’t me. My sister has a gothic side to her that makes Halloween perfect for her already gothic-styled house. I like things a little brighter (OK, a lot brighter) and kind of quirky. Also I kind of hate orange and black Halloween decorations.

Anyway, as per usual, I digress.

I ran around a little bit and ended up with these supplies:

DIY Halloween wreath suppliesThe ugly black wreath, some fuzzy green yarn (purple would have worked for me too), black and white striped ribbon (do stripes scream Halloween to anyone else?) and some googly eyes. All I would need was my trusty hot glue gun and I knew I could throw together a quick, inexpensive and seriously cute wreath for our front door. It honestly took about ten minutes to put together.

DIY Halloween Wreath

DIY black and green Halloween wreathFirst I wrapped the green yarn (which was a little thinner than I had anticipated) all around the wreath. I did it messily, which gave it what Sam calls a glow-in-the-dark spiderweb kind of effect.

DIY Halloween wreath with striped bowNext, I tied a little bow with the ribbon (nothing fancy, I just tied it like I was tying a shoe) and hot glued it into the middle. I’m not going to lie, this bow is one of my favorite parts. It ups the quirky factor by adding an unexpected jolt of sophistication. Because everyone knows stripes ooze sophistication (unless you’re a cat burglar).

Homemade Halloween wreath with googly eyesOnce the bow was set, I went googly eyes crazy. The hot glue melts them a little bit, but that’s OK. It’s not entering a beauty contest. The eyes were definitely Sam’s favorite part.

DIY googly eye spooky Halloween wreath

Once the eyes are on all you have to do is figure out how you want to hang it. My wreath already had a little loop attached to it, so I used that to hang it from a wreath hook we already had. You could also hot glue or tie ribbon to it and hang it that way.

I’m not going to lie, I’m loving on this little guy pretty hard. And my husband? Well, he’s loving not having to talk me out of a tree at night while I try to understand why the universe has sucked me dry of every last ounce of creativity. Consider it a win-win.

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Written by Jennifer Garry
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