kids playspace | the cutest kids tent from Teepee Joy

My kids love making blanket forts. The bigger, more elaborate, and more difficult to live your life around, the better. Once they start building one, you can bet that all chairs, stools, tables and blankets that aren’t nailed down will be used. They always build these fortresses in high traffic areas, of course. And they have also taken to duct taping the pieces together to make them near impossible to disassemble.

While I’m all for wild feats of engineering, sometimes it’s a huge pain in the ass. Like if I need to leave the room. Or if we don’t have three hours to take the whole thing down and get everything put away. Or if I really want to sit down.

To give the girls the magic of a secret hideout without the necessity of tearing the whole house apart every time, I had been considering one of those incredibly cute little teepees that are popping up everywhere. I always drool over them on Pinterest, but then wonder how logical they would be in my house. Namely: where the hell would I fit one?

When Teepee Joy offered to send us one to try out, I jumped at the chance.

kids playspace | the cutest kids tent from Teepee Joy

cute teepee for kids play space | Teepee Joy

Their designs are super cute with bright colors and modern patterns and they even have a design-your-own option that allows parents to mix and match some of the different fabric choices and pillow options (yes, these teepees come with pillows and a little blanket). While the pretty design pulled me in, what really sold me was the promise that “setup is an easy, 1-person job, and the teepee is lightweight, making it a snap to move outdoors, or back in.” Um, yes please!

Teepee Joy is the easiest kids play tent ever! Seriously. Even I can put it together.

I’m terrible with instructions. Half the time, written instructions make absolutely no sense to someone who is looking at all of these foreign pieces for the first time. So you turn to the pictures to try to make sense of them. My spatial awareness sucks, so they usually don’t help at all. The idea of putting a kids play tent together made me cringe, but since Teepee Joy promised they were simple, we decided to record the whole assembly process.

With one kid reading at me and one kid playing in the box the whole time (she recovered quickly, by the way), I managed to put the teepee together fairly quickly without having to call for any help. While I’d love to pat myself on the back, I guess the praise should really go to Teepee Joy. It was ridiculously easy to put together and even easier to move from place to place.

Teepee Joy kids play tentmodern kids play tent | Teepee Joy

Not long after we got the whole thing set up, we decided to move it inside because it was way too hot out. I literally just picked it up, pulled the wooden dowels together, carried it inside and then spread the dowels again. If you don’t want to take the whole thing apart each time, you can totally store it in a closet like that. But it’s honestly pretty simple to assemble and comes with a matching carrying case to keep the pieces together.

In the days since we first put the kids teepee together, it’s been used as a playhouse, a movie-watching fort, a reading nook, and a place to pretend to take a nap. Sadly, no actual naps have been taken. But we can work on that.


I absolutely love watching how the girls transform it depending on what it’s being used for—and I can’t wait to watch the different ways they adapt it as we jump into summer vacation. Maybe I can get a nap in there?

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