embroidery hoop art: space nursery

OK, so I know they’ve been a thing for kind of a while now, but I’m totally obsessed with embroidery hoop art. I think it has something to do with my current love of simple geometric shapes (probably brought on by this ever-so slowly developing project of mine) and my eternal love of simple DIY projects. It doesn’t really matter though. What matters is that I’m straight up smitten.

My love was taken to a whole new level when I caught sight of this amazing baby nursery on Young House Love last week. Dacia from Lemon Drop Life created this space for her little guy Roarke. I literally squealed when I saw it and immediately sent a link to my sister, who is setting up a space theme in my six-year old nephew’s new room. I just can’t with the awesome solar system wall and the ridiculously creative use of embroidery hoops. SO. STINKING. CUTE!

embroidery hoop art: space nursery

Lemon Drop Life via Young House Love

I really like the combination of the circles and the lines, which immediately made me start thinking about the striped wall in my girls’ room. Right now they just have a round seashell mirror between their beds and canvases they painted above their beds. But I’m thinking some embroidery hoop art (whether bought or made) would be perfect to group above each of their beds.

So of course that led me down the Pinterest rabbit hole to explore…

emboidery hoop art: lace hoops

via My Fabuless Life

embroidery hoop art: grouped prints

via Budget Wise Home

embroidery hoop art: wall decoration

via Wedding Chicks

These are all gorgeous in their own way and I’m thinking I want to use combinations of all of them: lace and string for texture plus really pretty fabric in complementary colors. I kind of want these EVERYWHERE.

So of course I kept digging around for other unique ways to use the things:

embroidery hoop art: corkboard

via kellee81

embroidery hoop art: card catcher

Henry Happened

embroidery hoop art: chalkboard

via Hostess with the Mostess

My husband better prepare himself because I’m about to go embroidery hoop wild. This is the perfect thing to be crazy about though because it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy small embroidery hoops for as little as 25 cents on Amazon and you can pick up pieces of fabric at thrift stores—or even use old shirts or sheets. The possibilities are endless and I’m itching to get to work on some.

Not feeling as crafty? There are tons of gorgeous pieces of embroidery hoop art on Etsy.

embroidery hoop artSarah Jane Studios (this one is actually a pattern) || 2 King Soleil || 3 Dear Moon Beams || 4 Stitch Culture

I could go on all day, but I think you get the point. I’m obsessed. And I think you should be obsessed too. Are you with me on this one or do you just not get the appeal?

Written by Jennifer Garry
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