fashionable celebrity moms heidi klum

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought today would be a great day to celebrate some of my favorite fashionable celebrity moms. These ladies prove that once we’ve had our precious little bundles we don’t have to retire into the world of mom jeans and sloppy ponytails (although some days it might seem soooo much easier). With a few solid staples, you can put together a comfortable look that is quick and easy but leaves you looking polished.

fashionable celebrity moms heidi klum

Heidi Klum (mother of 4)

fashionable celebrity moms reese witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon (mother of 2 with another in the oven)

fashionable celebrity moms  nicole richie

Nicole Richie (mother of 2)

fashionable celebrity moms katie holmes

Katie Holmes (mother of 1)

fashionable celebrity moms jessica alba

Jessica Alba (mother of 2)

With a good pair of skinny jeans, some comfy flats, a dress to mix things up, and some fun accessories, you can create a comfortable look that’s perfect for a mom on the go. While it might be easier to pull on the yoga pants and not think about it, you’d be surprised at how much more confident you feel when you put just a little bit of effort into polishing your look.

Who are your favorite fashionable celebrity moms?

(PS Camila Alves is another incredibly fashionable celebrity mom!)

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.