must have moisturizers for winter skin

must have moisturizers for winter skinSo, I realize it’s kind of weird to talk about winter skin and how to moisturize it in late February. The temperatures are creeping up, the days are getting longer, and the idea of ditching the winter blues seems like it just might actually be possible. But at the same time, just because I can ditch the super heavy jacket doesn’t mean my hands are magically less cracked.

In fact, my hands are super dry right now. Here in New York, we’ve had some crazy highs and lows in the temperature department recently (we’re talking negative degrees one day and less than a week later it’s 60 degrees). This crazy up and down and up and down in temperature has left my skin completely confused and starting to freak out. That’s when I know it’s time to up the moisturizing routine a bit.

Here are 5 essential moisturizers for winter skin that I always have on hand (no pun intended 😉 ).

Coconut oil is kind of a given. The stuff is straight up magical. It’s the perfect thing to slather all over yourself when you get out of the shower. Now, I know a lot of people balk at the idea of putting oil all over themselves. Whether it’s fear of clogged pores or fear of becoming a human slip and slide, a lot of people shy away from the stuff. I’m here to tell you that it does neither. Actually, I think you’d be surprised at how quickly it seeps into your skin. You’re left soft and hydrated and smelling faintly of a Caribbean vacation. Who doesn’t want that?

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My go-to for my face and hands every day is CeraVeI hadn’t heard of it until my dermatologist recommended it for my super sensitive skin. Now I buy large bottles of it at BJs to be sure that I never run out. What I love about this stuff is that it’s light and not at all goopy. It doesn’t make my makeup slide off my face and my hands don’t leave grease marks on everything I touch. But at the same time, it’s effective. I’ve always had a tough time finding a product that is both light and effective.

Now for one of my favorites that is not light at all. Let’s start with the goopiest: vitamin EI’ve been a fan of vitamin E for skin since I got a nasty soup steam burn on my hand in college (don’t ask). It left scar on one of my knuckles and someone told me to try vitamin E to help it heal. It worked really, really well.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to try it on my inflamed face. They sell vitamin E oil, but I ended up buying a big jar of capsules that I poke a hole in with a sterilized safety pin. I squeeze the sticky, gooey oil out onto my hand before bed and rub it into my face, concentrating on the areas that are red or broken out. It definitely makes sleeping a little bit interesting as I try not to let my face touch anything, but my skin always feels fantastic in the morning and on more than one occasion, someone has commented that it looks fantastic too.

Another option that’s not as messy but still contains vitamin E is Josie Maran’s argan oil. Now, this stuff is expensive, but it’s like liquid gold. A couple of drops goes a long way so the bottle lasts awhile (even when you also use it in your hair to fight frizz, like I do). If you can afford it, this stuff won’t disappoint. It is super hydrating and contains anti-aging properties that can help fight fine lines. I love this stuff.

Lastly, there’s my girls’ favorite: Mum + BubThis one isn’t particularly cheap or lightweight but it works incredibly well and smells really good. You can also use it for anything from diaper rash to bug bites and chapped lips (and, for the record, it has worked wonders on all of those things). I don’t like putting this one on my hands during the day because it’s so thick and goopy, but it works wonders on chapped lips (or little noses) and is great for deep moisturizing overnight. When Ellie was really sick and had a constantly drippy nose a few weeks ago, you could regularly hear her tiny little voice asking for “more Mum + Bub, please.”

favorite winter moisturizers

As someone with incredibly sensitive skin, I’m always interested in hearing what moisturizers other people swear by. Do you have something to say about one of my favorites? Is there a product you love that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.