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The other day I was stopped at a red light—alone—and laughing hysterically. When I turned my head, I realized the woman in the car next to me was watching me closely. She looked as if she would stomp on the gas pedal if I made one questionable move in her direction. In an attempt to let her know I’m not deranged, I pointed to my radio and then my ear to say “Hey lady! I’m not crazy! I’m just listening to a really funny podcast!”

Unfortunately, my poor attempts at sign language only seemed to prove her theory. The light turned green and girlfriend was off. Awkward.

That’s the cool thing about a good podcast though. Like a really good book or an incredible movie, you get sucked right in and completely forget about reality. It makes for weird stop light interactions or strange stares at the gym, but I can deal with that if it means I’m thoroughly entertained.

Today, I’m teaming up with my Majestically Awkward cohosts to share some of the best podcasts out there. These are the ones that make us laugh-cry, teach us things or are just really freaking entertaining.

A few of Janine’s favorite podcasts

favorite podcasts | Gilmore Guys

Gilmore Guys

A podcast featuring a Gilmore Girls lover and a Gilmore Girls virgin discussing each episode of the seven seasons that aired. Kevin and Demi also cover the four revival episodes and have fun interviews with former cast and crew members. What I love about this podcast is that they go on fabulous tangents that have me in hysterics. I have almost fallen over while running because I was laughing so hard. It’s almost not about the show at some points but that somehow makes it even better.

favorite podcasts | In the Dark

In the Dark

This Peabody award-winning podcast features the true crime story of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling’s abduction in 1989. When Madeleine Baran (a reporter for APM Reports) began working on the podcast in late 2015, the disappearance was still unsolved. However, in August of 2016, Danny Heinrich confessed to the crime. The podcast not only delves into the crime itself but the aftermath and subsequent creation of sex-offender registries. Not light-hearted subject matter by any means, but if you like listening to true crime podcasts, this should not be missed.

favorite podcasts | The Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left

I know I’m late to the game on this one as I’ve just started listening and it’s existed for years now. This podcast consists of three hilarious guys talking (mostly) about anything spooky. Episodes cover anything from serial killers, cults, ghosts, to UFOs and beyond. The guys not only educate the listener on the myriad of topics, but they keep you in stitches while doing so. If you enjoy all things creepy and looking like a fool while laughing by yourself this is the podcast for you.

A few of Tim’s favorite podcasts

favorite podcasts | Planet Money

Planet Money

What sounds like it could be some economic wonky horseshit is actually a really interesting dive into some really weird and lesser-known stories and how they affect either us or the world of money. They all clock in between like 15 and 20 minutes—which, much like when catching up on TV shows, can feel like a welcome respite from some longer programs.

A recent episode: How to Make it in the Music Biz – “Behind almost all popular music, there is this hidden economy of music producers buying and selling sonic snippets, texting each other half-finished beats, and angling for back-end royalties.”

favorite podcasts | Your Kickstarter Sucks

Your Kickstarter Sucks

Two pretty well-known Twitter comedians spend about 45 minutes going through 6 Kickstarters every week and explaining in great depth why they are so very stupid.  Each episode is about an hour and a half, so for the other 45 minutes, there’s usually a mailbag and lots of tangents that are extremely crass and often lean towards inside jokes that are generally much funnier to those familiar with their Twitter personas.

favorite podcasts | the sporkful

The Sporkful

This one is basically a food podcast for dorks who could spend hours passionately arguing whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich. Recent highlight episode: Guy Fiere Doesn’t Live on a Yacht That Shoots Rockets: “Behind the spiky hair and donkey sauce is a savvy businessman who’s been obsessed with finding success in the world of food since he was a kid. He talks with Dan about the importance of self-reflection, why he doesn’t serve more organic food at his restaurants, and what people don’t understand about him. (And, by the way, you know that shirt with the flames you always see him wearing? He hates it.)”

A few of Jen’s favorite podcasts

favorite podcasts | mortified


If you are a sucker for listening to painfully embarrassing stories (cough:: listen to Majestically Awkward ::cough) that center around those oh-so-awkward high school years, you will absolutely love this podcast. Mortified features real people sharing the most embarrassing things they created as kids (think journals, poems, art) to give a glimpse into their lives. It is absolutely hilarious and relatable on so many levels. Episodes are usually about 20 – 30 minutes, making it perfect for when you’re commuting, working out at the gym, or cleaning the house. I guarantee you will laugh.

favorite podcasts | Embedded


I just started listening to this one this season and I’m completely hooked. Embedded takes a topic in the news and, sometimes over the course of a few episodes, dives really really deep into the subject. They’ve covered police shootings caught on video. They’ve spent 24 hours in the middle of a gang war. And right now, they’re exploring what Donald Trump and some of his closest advisors were doing before they got into politics. It’s really, really interesting.

favorite podcasts | Reply All

Reply All

Reply All is one my new favorite podcasts to nerd out to. It’s similar to Planet Money, only this one is all about technology. It explores the internet but, like Planet Money, it does so without ever being boring. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s really centered around people: how people use the internet and how the internet affects the way we live. They tell interesting stories while also getting to the bottom of technological mysteries. The guys also giggle uncontrollably from time to time and I love it.

9 of our favorite podcasts - from Majestically Awkward

Looking for more great podcasts? Check up my favorite 30-minute podcasts or my six favorite podcasts for creative entrepreneurs. Lastly, if you’re looking for a laugh and a little awkwardness (ok, a lot of awkwardness) don’t forget to check out our podcast, Majestically Awkward!

And if we missed some of your favorite podcasts (or one that makes you look batshit crazy at stoplights), let us know in the comments!

9 killer podcasts that will make you want to hit subscribe - from the hosts of Majestically Awkward

Written by Jennifer Garry
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