friday faves 11

  • Design Mom’s reading loft may be tiny but it packs an awesome punch.
  • This t-shirt is totally my new mantra.
  • After Spring Break I always find myself in summer planning mode (as in: sweet lord I need a plan for a full summer of bored children!), which has me thinking of bathing suits. I’m loving this retro swim dress.
  • This amazing eco resin bangle by Rosella Resin needs to find its way onto my wrist.

Around bloggyland:

  • After seeing this post, I need an art cart.
  • The Dude Mom has me wanting to use up my old vases for succulent container gardens.
  • I’ve been seeing the #whole30 and #JennaWhole30 hastags all over Instagram lately and the results pictures and general chatter have seriously piqued my interest. Whole 30 is described as a “short-term nutritional reset” and eliminates a bunch of food groups to cleanse/restore/balance your system. I’m considering it—especially since I think it would help with my ever-present sugar craving problem.
  • The warmer weather has my thoughts turning to outdoor living and ways to make our backyard more functional (and pretty!). This round up of colorful patio DIYs was just what the doctor ordered.
  • This avocado toast with a kick is on my Must Try list.

ICYMI this is what I’ve been talking about this week:

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