friday faves 15

  • I love lists. Can you tell? 😉 Samantha is also becoming a fan of them, so this adorable “How to Summer” list is right up our alley. I can’t wait to print it out and start brainstorming summer ideas with my girl.
  • This bright and colorful garden wall made me drool.
  • I love gift wrap and these dip-dyed paper doilies are adorable.
  • If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I’m doing a sugar cleanse right now. It’s not very official and I’ll talk about it a little bit next week, but I’ve been on the prowl for dessert-like options that don’t have any processed sugar. These green smoothie dessert bowls sound so good.

Around the interwebs:

  • I’m a recovering hoarder with frequent relapses. Roo’s post on using things up was a nice reminder to stop the madness.
  • Apparently, Samantha smells nice and juicy to mosquitoes. Her sensitive skin can’t handle it though. She gets these huge red welts and at least once a summer I find myself at the pediatrician checking to see if it’s a tick bite. I am totally making this natural bug bite balm to soothe the itch and help with inflammation.
  • Trying to figure out rainy day back-up plans for the kids this summer? Kiwi Crate is doing a free trial for a limited time (you pay $3.95 for shipping). They’re a subscription box service that sends cool crafts to your doorstep every month. [They’re also one of my affiliates]
  • Guys, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love posts that show the insides of people’s purses or their makeup bags. I find it sort of fascinating. Which is totally why I love this post on Natalie’s hair routine.
  • Come summertime my husband and I get obsessed with light food options. We’re big into salads (both green and brown rice) and veggie wraps. I’m going to have to add these Mediterranean bites to my list of Things I’ll Make If I Ever “Cook”.

In case you missed it:

  • Ellie showed off an adorable shirt from Cheekie Charlie, a local kids brand I featured in my new Local Love series.
  • I gave a little glimpse into what life has been like lately.
Written by Jennifer Garry
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