friday faves 18

friday faves 18

Currently reading: The Vacationers by Emma Straub. I keep seeing this billed as a beach read, but that doesn’t give it nearly enough credit. It’s fitting in some ways, but it’s way more observant and witty than that narrow little label would make you think.

Currently watching: Shameless. I know we’re a little slow to the game on this one, but my husband and I do enjoy a good binge-watching. The incredibly dysfunctional Gallagher family (six kids with a drunk dad and mostly MIA mom) is dramedy that’s right up our alley.

Currently eating: Dried apricots. Yeah, I know they’re not exactly pretty. But they’re delicious. I started eating them while I was on my sugar cleanse and they’re my new favorite treat. I’ve been buying big bags of them at BJs and devouring them all on my own. Way healthier than shoving handfuls of chocolate chips in my face. 😉

Currently wearing: My custom necklace from The Silver Wren. I got “be brave” stamped onto a silver nameplate necklace as a gentle reminder and have been loving it up.

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