Friday Faves

Friday Faves

  • A cute idea for embellishing photos.
  • I’m Queen of Strange Obsessions. Right now it’s pegboard. I kind of want it everywhere.
  • It’s officially pumpkin spice season (yesssss). But after seeing an infographic with all of the crap in Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes, I’m more than happy to check our some healthy pumpkin spice alternatives.
  • This onesie—and this baby!—is too stinking cute.

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addison and lake book nerd printLast but not least, I finally settled on a name for our little bookclub: Paperback Posse. My husband is less than thrilled (obviously), but I’m tired of thinking. Plus, I think it’s laid back and silly enough to fit our purposes.

Take pictures of yourself reading this month’s book and tag away on social media using the hashtag #paperbackposse. For added incentive to post (and to start reading!) I’m going to give away a Citrus Lane box next Friday to one lucky poster. Great for babies, this box is perfect for mommas or to give as a gift. Watch for a picture of what’s inside on Instagram!

Also, to keep the social media train rolling, I created a Paperback Posse Facebook group so that we can keep up with each other throughout the month. It’s currently a closed group so that only people within it can see your posts, but anyone is able to add new members. Make sure to tell your friends—the more, the merrier!

Right now I’m planning on discussing the book on September 30th. More details to come!

Written by Jennifer Garry
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