friday faves 30

friday faves 30

  • I have a problem when it comes to mascara. I’m usually terribly unsatisfied, but my cheapness forces me to finish whatever crappy tube I’ve just bought. Then, when the time comes to buy a new one I can’t remember what I tried and liked and what was terrible. That’s why I love when people test a bunch of mascaras out for me and show me the results. And by “people” I mean my friend Jac. 😉
  • These simple ghost lollipops may have won the “I will slap you together and send you to school so I look like I have my shit together” award.
  • I would like to go out and buy a pair of these Old Navy compression leggings for every day of the week. They’re my go-to workout pants. Do you have workout clothes you swear by? I’m in the process of switching from insanely oversized tshirts and pajama pants to clothes I can actually move in.
  • The grossness of this week (read: rain. wind. plummeting temperatures) has me wild eyed at the idea of being trapped inside all winter. These toilet paper crafts oddly made me relax a little. Should I be alarmed?

Around the interwebs:

  • I’ve had talks with a lot of people about anxiety lately. It’s something that has been plaguing me recently and I’ve been really surprised to hear how many people have had similar issues. These 5 tips for tackling anxiety might help if you’ve been caught in the clutches.
  • Alison’s Cookie Party sounds like an anxiety buster to me (she cracks me up regularly on Instagram). It also sounds like an awesome investment before the holidays…
  • These works of literature recreated with LEGOs are ridiculous (and I mean that in the way that means they’re absolutely incredible and awesome—although it’s also actually ridiculous to think of how much time people put into creating the things, but that’s another story entirely).
  • I totally want this tote. Because I am a nerd.

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