When life gives you lemons

When something this golden is present on the interwebs in any given week, it’s pretty impossible for me to think of anything else.

I mean. !!! Both my sister and BFF sent me links to this after seeing it because they knew I’d be all over it. Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd?!

My husband did not send this to me, but I’m pretty sure that has something to do with his disdain for Jimmy Fallon (what is it with guys hating on that guy? I find him so endearing).

By the way, did you catch the tiger and Lady Godiva bits during the Queen song?! There was squealing.

Ok. End gush.

When life gives you lemonsThis image has nothing to do with Paul Rudd or anything else in this post, except that I like it. And on Fridays I share what I like. So it stays!

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