Summer Adventures | fruit picking at Fishkill Farms #hudsonvalley

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Summer Adventures | fruit picking at Fishkill Farms #hudsonvalley

Last weekend my sister and I brought our (not-so-little) babies to the Strawberry Jammin’ Festival at Fishkill Farms. We’ve been huge fans of this sustainable, eco-friendly fruit and veggie farm since we went apple picking there last fall. It’s sprawling and beautiful and has a great farm store—plus they have a grill that serves up hot dogs, hamburgers, and a house Jamaican jerk chicken.

It was packed on Sunday, which is to be expected on a big festival day when they have a band, kids crafts and hayrides running for most of the day.

Pro tip: on festival days, get there when they open and clear your day in order to fully enjoy it.

We got there a little after 11 and there wasn’t too much left to be picked, but we found enough to fill our containers. The lines were also much longer and slower moving than usual because it was so busy (which you should absolutely expect on a big event day). The food and music were great though and we would have hung around a lot longer if we didn’t have to jet off to our next adventure.

Hudson Valley summer adventure Fishkill Farmsfamily fun in Westchester and the lower Hudson Valley Fishkill Farmsfruit picking at Fishkill Farms

If you didn’t make it for strawberry picking, have no fear! Fishkill Farms has a variety of fruits and veggies to pick from now through October: from black currants, cherries and plums to peaches, veggies, apples and pumpkins, you’ve got plenty of time to plan an adventure there.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on what’s ready for picking and when they have special events scheduled. As long as you plan accordingly, their festivals are a lot of fun for families.

PS If you do go picking there, make sure to try some of their apple cider donuts—my sources tell me they’re the best they’ve ever had—and be sure to check out my post on my favorite way to keep fruits and veggies fresh.

strawberry picking with kids #hudsonvalley

Written by Jennifer Garry
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