7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Every year my friends and I get all of our spouses and kids together for a big, fat (loud) holiday party. The kids run around like sugared-up wildebeests while the grownups participate in a hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate) white elephant gift exchange. We work really hard to find the most out there, ridiculous products imaginable and end up with sore cheeks from all of the laughter.

Sometimes called a Yankee Swap, white elephant gift exchanges are a lot of fun. In case you’re not familiar with them, here’s how we do it. We set a price limit (usually $20) and we each buy a gag gift. We wrap the gift and bring it to the party. When it’s time to exchange, we put everyone’s name into a hat. Each person chooses a gift and opens it, but the person who comes next can choose to unwrap a new present or steal one of the opened presents.

It’s a lot of fun.

To be honest though, the fun starts while shopping for your gift. Since I can spend hours poring through gag gifts to find the perfect gift, I thought I’d share a few of the funniest ones I found to make your white elephant gift hunt a little easier.

7 White Elephant Gift Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Toilet Golf

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Encourage your friends to stop scrolling through Facebook on the toilet with this gift that’s perfect for a golfer (or golf hater). It comes with its very own putting green, a cup with flag, two golf balls, a putter and a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. I mean, what more could you need? Side note: can you imagine being the guy in this photo?

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Spread Heads Toothpaste Cap

Spread Heads Toothpaste Cap

This one might fall under the category of white elephant gifts that people actually use. Marketed to parents of kids who hate brushing their teeth, this is a cute little puppy cap that takes the place of your regular old run-of-the-mill toothpaste cap. The thing is, it really, really looks like that cute little fella is either a) licking your toothbrush, which is kind of gross or b) vomiting on your toothbrush, which is full-on gross. Happy brushing!

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Adult Achievement Stickers

Adult Achievement Stickers (Mom Version)

Sometimes things are funny because they’re true. These stickers most definitely fall into that category. Will she wear them? Who knows. But I’ll tell you one thing, she sure as shit deserves some kind of recognition for hacking through her winter leg hair growth. 😉

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Dad bod tshirt

Jiayiqi Dad Bod T-shirt

Hairy and sunburnt, this shirt is pretty hilarious on its own, but imagining your friends wearing it (especially female friends) adds a whole new level of funny. In fact, you might have to click through right now to see pictures of models wearing it. I’ll wait.

Now, the one thing you absolutely must do before leaving your white elephant gift party is to make sure you get photographic evidence of your friend in this shirt. You won’t be sorry… and you’ll probably never see the thing again.

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Dad Bag Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Dad Bod Fanny Pack

Can’t find the t-shirt in the right size? This dad bod beer belly fanny pack is the answer to all of your problems. Hairy and saggy (especially when you put a few things in there), this just might be The Gag Gift of All Gag Gifts. I especially love that it makes it look like the shirt of the person who is wearing it is rolled up because it just can’t contain all that belly.

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Dad Bag Beer Belly Fanny Pack

The Butt Towel

I’m not sure how I came across this towel, but when I did it completely stopped me in my tracks. Pretty funny, no? The reviews kept me laughing too. They ranged from people unhappy about the flimsiness and poor quality of a towel that’s obviously meant to be a gag gift to leaving comments that played into the ridiculousness of the product: “I love how this towel instantly slims my buttocks. I look ten years younger. My hubby loves to smack my rear now and it has improved our love lives. We do it with my towel on.”

7 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas - Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

This was the gift I gave at last year’s white elephant gift party. It cracks me up for a variety of reasons. First, I really don’t like horses and since that makes everyone want to gift me horse-themed items, it brings me great pleasure to turn the table in a ridiculous way. Second, the videos of squirrels actually using this feeder are hilarious.

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