Justin Timberlake Nsync days

Justin Timberlake Nsync daysConfession: I’m writing this post solely so that I can drool over photos of Justin Timberlake and call it “work” (and no, I don’t mean the photo at right. More on that in a second).

But seriously.

Who says us ladies can’t take style inspiration from well-dressed men? Especially right now when menswear-inspired fashion is kind of a big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the frosty-tipped poodle look from Justin’s boy band days (what’s with the purple glasses JT?). Oh no, I’m talking about the much more mature hottie who is starring in the new action movie In Time.

Justin Timberlake


In more recent years the former Mickey Mouse Club star has been rocking a more dapper look, similar to those of icons like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving it up! There’s nothing quite like a well-dressed fella.

But instead of just giggling like schoolgirls and getting all week in the knees, why not use Justin as inspiration? Here’s an example of a look Justin wore in GQ and an idea for a lady’s version:

Get the Look: Justin TimberlakeSheer blouse, $45 :: Vest | H&M US, $25 :: Zip up jacket, $68 :: Zara cropped pants, $60 :: Kelsi Dagger black high heels, $100 :: Cara Accessories silver bangle, $78 :: Marc by Marc Jacobs silver stud earrings, $48 :: Oasis green tote bag, $70

What do you think? I love it. I added a pop of color for fun and feminine details like sparkle and bows to “girl” it up a bit. It’s simple and pretty classic while remaining on trend.

And before I go, I have to leave you with this:


Written by Jennifer Garry
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