holiday gift guide: bad dad

I love making a good gift guide and, this holiday season, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. Instead of broad categories like men or ladies, I’ve decided to hone in on certain personality types. This first guide is for Bad Dad and all the fellas out there just like him.

Before any panties get all twisted, I’m not talking about guys who are actually terrible. My husband talks a big game but he’s a big old softie who melts into a pile of mush the second one of our girls bat an (incredibly long) eyelash at him.

No. Bad Dad is not actually bad (sorry for ruining your mystique, pal). He’s sarcastic and he can be a bit abrasive—especially if you don’t get him. He’s an unapologetic nerd who can quote too many movies and rattle off too many useless facts and he likes to cook.

Sound like a guy you know? Well, pull out the thank you chocolates because I’m about to become your new bff.

holiday gift guide: bad dad

Map of Westeros // 2 Yeti mitt // 3 Ron Swanson mug // 4 Vader’s Little Princess // 5 Batman money clip // 6 Sriracha water bottle // 7 Jesus hates the Yankees t-shirt // 8 Big Lebowski kit // 9 Darth Vader apron // 10 Darth Vader ice tray // 11 Light saber lamp

Chock full of nerdiness with a sprinkling of sarcasm and goofiness, these gifts are guaranteed to get a chuckle out of your gentleman friend—especially if you’ve read one of Bad Dad‘s posts and thought he sounds just like your significant other.

Note to any family or friends cruising through and hoping to pick up an idea for my particular nerdy husband: do not get that light saber lamp. I do not want to have to figure out what corner in the house to hide it in. If you think you’re hilarious and decide to purchase it for him, know that revenge is a bitch. 🙂

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.