Girl Boss | Lacey Ellis of LittleHoots

Totally inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s book of the same name, Girl Boss is a series focused on fierce, determined women who go with their gut and create their dream businesses in the process.

Girl Boss | Lacey Ellis of LittleHoots

I love a story about a girl who sees a need and makes it her mission to fill it. Lacey Ellis is that kind of woman. The Art and Creative Director for various agencies for ten years, Lacey realized after having her son that there was no good way to capture the hilarious (and sometimes profound) things that kids say. Wanting to preserve those special memories and help other families share their stories, Lacey started LittleHoots, a really fun app and memory-keeping platform.

I’m totally excited to share her thoughts on business and balance and all of that good stuff with you today…

Tell me a little bit about your business. When did you start it? What inspired you to get it going?

My life-long love of memory keeping and my son inspired the idea. I’m obsessive about taking photos and writing down memorable moments. I saw a problem and I knew the solution I wanted. This plus my background in design and advertising led me to devise an easy and more creative approach for keeping your memories on your smart phone.

I started in April of 2013 at a local entrepreneurial conference called “BigKC.” I was encouraged by some speakers and community leaders to attend Startup Weekend. That’s where I met my three co-founders and when we won that competition it really took us to the next level! We’ve been on this adventure ever since. Building the products, finding investors and getting users plus a bazillion other things. It’s a daily challenge to find balance!

LittleHoots memory-keeping platform

How do you balance life and running your business?

It’s hard. I make lots of sacrifices right now to keep this going (financially and relationally), but I believe the famous quote, “If you’re willing to live like no one else, then someday, you can live like no one else.” And that’s part of the goal—financial freedom. However, what really drives me is knowing I’m doing something that matters. I’m helping people keep memories. Memories are important. They remind us of all the blessings in our lives. Memory keeping should be easier and I know in my heart that I’m the perfect person to bring that solution to the world.

Does being a woman effect your business?

Not really. It’s hard to be a mom and a business owner. I couldn’t do it without my beautiful husband who is willing to sacrifice right beside me. It’s a daily balancing act. I’m constantly reassessing and trying to determine what is most important. Even though my life is super full right now, I really try my hardest to take time for my kids. Even if it’s just a little trip to get dessert with my son after preschool or snuggle time at night. I try to listen and focus and be present as much as possible with them in the time I have.

LittleHoots app

What inspires you creatively?

The kiddos inspire me. The other people in my life, like Eric Disney, inspire me. I have a wonderful team and family. Other entrepreneurs inspire me because I know how hard this is and I love to see what other people are fully dedicating their lives to. I can’t imagine doing anything else now. I’m all in. Giving any less to my work just seems like a cop out. I’m very passionate about living intentionally. Living on purpose.

LittleHoots team

Do you have any procrastination techniques that you always fall back on? How do you break out of them?

I usually push the hardest or most time-consuming thing to the bottom of my list. I’m trying to stop doing that!

Do you have any tips for other ladies who are looking to turn their passion into a business?

Make a plan. You have one million questions and doubts about how it’s going to work. Just make a list and make a plan. That will get you through the first step and each step thereafter. Figure out how each piece is going to work financially and otherwise and go out and execute that plan. You won’t know all the answers. There will be days you wonder how on earth it’s all going to work out, but part of this journey is faith. It’s not having to know what comes next in order to keep moving forward. Read that book one page at a time and enjoy the story as it’s happening. Believe, believe, believe and you will be glad you did.

Littlehoots custom illustrated memory tile

You can read more about Lacey and her company on their blog:

Within the LittleHoots app you can order magnets, metal wall hangings, iPhone cases, prints, mugs, greeting cards, canvas, ornaments, custom memory tiles and soon photo books—such an adorable, really personal gift idea for the holidays! Make sure you’re signed up for my weekly newsletter… there might just be an exclusive Cyber Monday deal for LittleHoots included 😉

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Written by Jennifer Garry
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