Girl Crush | Elizabeth Gilbert

Girl Crush | Elizabeth GilbertI’m in love with Elizabeth Gilbert right now.

I mean, to be honest, I’ve loved her since Eat, Pray, LoveIt waned, as loves like that do, but I’m currently experiencing a dramatic resurgence in my obsession with her thoughts and perspective (and the way she uses language like a boss).

First, there’s her new book, Big Magic, which I cannot wait to crack open. It’s more or less about embracing your creativity and letting go of suffering—um, sign me up.

Then there’s her new podcast, Magic Lessons, in which she talks to women who are having a creative problem, gives them advice, and then gets another perspective from one of her amazing, talented, successful friends. The goal of the podcast is to offer “road maps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge you need when you’re feeling stuck.”

I had been meaning to listen to this one but got my extra nudge when my friend Rena said it was awesome and started texting me quotes from the first two episodes. I was hooked without ever even listening to it. And once I did listen to it, I was left feeling so inspired. I was completely sure I could conquer anything.

Elizabeth Gilbert has this sort of infectious positivity that can’t help but rub off on you. But it’s not a fake, just smile and nod kind of positivity. She tells you that shit is hard but you need to pick yourself off, dust yourself off, and do what you need to do. She is at once a peaceful, loving, earth momma and a fiercely strong warrior queen. She’s basically my spirit animal.

I’ve collected a few of my favorite quotes of hers in hopes of igniting a girl crush within you… because then we can totally duke it out in a battle of the fangirls.

Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | embrace the glorious mess by Rain City Prints

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Quotes From Elizabeth Gilbert | Big Magic what is creative living


elizabeth gilbert quotes | procrastion is fear via k8gold

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Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | you are what you think via Fitwirr

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Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | live your own destiny imperfectly via Fitwirr

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Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | cultivate your thoughts via Glamour

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Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | don't worry about being original via PeaceCompassOrg

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Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | love them almost despite themsevles via Oprah

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Elizabeth Gilbert quotes | manifestation of your own blessings by Amy Tangerine

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