graduation party must haves

Graduation season is upon us! If you’re planning a party for your graduate—whether they’re in preschool or college—you need to check out this list of four graduation party must-haves. These simple tips will ensure that you throw the best. party. ever.

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You’re standing in the party supply store, bleary-eyed and drawing a complete blank. You know you have a graduation party to plan, but you can’t for the life of you figure out what you need. Your mind just keeps circling back to the same question: How did my baby get so big?!

It doesn’t matter if they’re five or twenty-five. Graduations will always be a big deal and they’ll always send mommas into a tailspin of wondering how the hell we got here so fast.

But you still have to plan the party! So. To help keep you on track, I put together a list of four graduation party must-haves (minus all the food) that just so happen to work for just about any party you’re going to throw.

Graduation party must-haves

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Graduation Party Must-Haves - Basic Invite invitations

Graduation party invitations

Whether it’s a small preschool graduation get together or a big fat high school or college graduation party, the first thing you need to do is invite all of your friends and family. Basic Invite has some absolutely beautiful custom graduation invitations. One of the things I love most about their site is that it gives you almost unlimited color options (there are 180+!). You choose a design and can change the color of every little element on the card until it looks exactly the way you want it. They also allow you to order a custom printed sample of your invitation so that you can see and feel exactly what your cards will be like before placing your whole order. Pretty cool, right?

And can we talk about how that card above pulls at my momma heart strings?! You can find the Status Report graduation announcement here (there’s a boy version available too!). Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off with coupon code 15FF51.

PS Don’t forget your graduation thank you card once the party is over!

graduation party must-haves - fun party supplies

#done banner / YAY mylar balloons50ct Kate Aspen Celebrate party in a box / metallic gold The Adventure Begins graduation serveware kit / graduation card holder box

Fun graduation party supplies

I am a sucker for pretty party supplies. I think it goes hand-in-hand with my love of gift wrap: a pretty presentation can only make a good thing even better. For a graduation party, I like the idea of sticking to a classic black and metallic color palette with a little bit of sparkle—because everything is better with a little glitter thrown in.

Basics like plates and utensils are a no-brainer, but don’t forget to add festive banners, balloons, and serveware. I’ve been itching to try making a DIY version of the word banners above with my Cricut Explore Air 2, but I haven’t attempted it just yet. I have a feeling that when I do, I’m going to get all Oprah on things. You get a banner! You get a banner! And you get a banner! No event will seem too small. For a graduation party, I envision banners hanging on the walls, a banner for cards like the one above, a cute little banner on the cake. The possibilities are endless!

graduation party must-haves - photo booth

Instax mini 9 / graduation photo backdrop / Instax photo album / graduation photo booth props

A photo booth

Kids love a photo booth. Hell, I love a photo booth! You can set up a simple, low-key one by hanging up a backdrop of some sort (whether it’s a customized one like the one above or something much simpler, like a foil fringe curtain) and leaving a basket of fun props nearby. This area will be like a magnet to partygoers, so make sure you don’t set it up in a high traffic area.

It would also be really fun to have an Instax camera (or maybe just a wireless photo printer?) on hand so that your guests can take a photo and leave one behind. You could put a photo album out with the supplies and leave a sign encouraging everyone to fill it up with memories for your graduate. Which brings me to my next must-have…

graduation party must-haves - keepsake for the graduate

wishing wall / wishes for the graduate / words of wisdom jar / quotes memory book

A keepsake for the graduate

While this isn’t something that will help your graduation party go flawlessly, it’s something you’ll look back on and be so glad you did. Giving your graduate a little sentimental keepsake to remember their party and the time spent with their classmates is a priceless gift. It’s something they’ll be able to look back on in twenty years.

I love the idea of having everyone at the party leave a little note of some kind (bonus points if they also leave a picture from the photo booth!). Whether it’s a wish, some advice or the retelling of a funny story, it’s sure to become a beloved memento.

It also just might make momma cry. But that’s kind of par for the course, right?

Did I miss any of your graduation party must-haves? Let me know in the comments!

graduation party must-haves - #ideas #decorations

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