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tim and jen by Surprise PhotographyTomorrow, Bad Dad and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Well, we actually celebrated it last weekend with me drooling over Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, a delicious dinner, Ralph’s cream ices, and a full, completely uninterrupted night of sleep (le sigh). But we’ll celebrate again tomorrow—this time with the girls and way less sleep.

Over the years I’ve talked about our story a lot—how we met, what we think of each other, my wedding vows and how we drive each other crazy (which also happens to be detailed here and here)—but I can’t really let our anniversary pass without talking about it some more. What can I tell you? I’m a talker. 😉

This time I thought I’d share a few of the readings we used in our wedding ceremony. My husband loves books as much as I do and, being a writer, I took this bit of wedding planning very seriously. I didn’t want something typical and Pablo Neruda was an absolute must. I like the guy.

After a lot of back and forth and getting shot down more than a few times by my soon-to-be-husband, we settled on a few that we both loved.

wedding readings: First Poems by Rainer Maria Rilkewedding readings: Sonnet XVII by Pablo Nerudawedding readings: We Will Not Wish You JoyWe went with “First Poems” by Rainer Maria Rilke, “Sonnet XVII” by my boy Pablo Neruda and “We Will Not Wish You Joy” by Brian Zouch. We also read a Cherokee Wedding Prayer and “Benediction of the American Indians” because their earthy spirituality fit so well.

Obviously, none of these are super traditional—but neither are we. And I’m ok with both of those things.

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Written by Jennifer Garry
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