Hope's Door fundraiser | friendship bracelets

Hope's Door fundraiser | friendship braceletsLet me take a minute to be completely honest. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself when it came to putting this fundraiser for Hope’s Door together. I had no concrete goals set or solid numbers I wanted to reach in place, but I was aiming high.

Not surprisingly, it left me completely and utterly disappointed until a little voice of reason chirped in my ear and gave me a healthy dose of perspective. This has been happening a lot lately. It sounds trite, but the lessons my children have taught me in the last month or so leave me scrambling to heave my jaw from the floor.

We were driving in the car, singing along to Taylor Swift (as we do) when I remembered something fundraiser related and said it aloud, willing myself to remember it or the universe to throw it back at me since I’d put it out into the world (as I do). Samantha suddenly piped up from the back seat. “Mommy,” she said, obviously struggling to put her thoughts into words. “I don’t really know how to say this… but what you’re doing… it kind of… it makes me feel proud.”

We might as well have been in the middle of a movie scene where time freezes and a single character is left moving and thinking and doing. I felt like everything stopped as perspective rushed at me.

None of the details mattered. Whether I collected one thing or one thousand things to donate to the women and children affected by domestic violence, I was doing something. And I was showing my daughters that they too can do something. We don’t have to talk about how nice it would be or nod and smile sweetly at how kind our thoughts are while patting ourselves on the backs for being so considerate. I was actively doing something to help other people and setting an example for my daughters to do the same.

Hope's Door fundraiser | donations

Suddenly bracelet making supplies and raffle ticket sales seemed so small. They weren’t the point of this whole thing. The point was to do good and to show my daughters that they can too. If they want to do something they can. They just need to act.

Thankfully, a bunch of other people came out that day too and acted right along with us. At a very busy time of year, when money is so tight for so many people, families came out, made bracelets and ate some frozen yogurt to help out people who could really use it.

We ended up with a box and a big black garbage bag full of donations for Hope’s Door, more than 160 friendship bracelets for the kids at the shelter, and an envelope stuffed with gift cards. In a couple of weeks I can go back and deliver a second round of gift cards from Peachwave’s donation of 10% of the day’s proceeds.

Hope's Door fundraiser | Girl Scout bracelet makersHope's Door fundraiser | bracelet making

I want to take a second to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the local businesses who donated goods and services to the cause. If you live in Westchester or the surrounding areas, you should totally check these fabulous businesses out:

Hope's Door fundraiser | raffle donationsI took Ellie with me to drop off the donations last week and she climbed the staircase into Hope’s Door’s offices, clutching the bag of friendship bracelets she helped to make. She may not understand right now what we did or how we helped, but the important thing is that she was a part of it.

She did something to help other people and it’s my mission to make sure my girls continue to do things to help those in need. To make it a part of who they are. I can’t think of a better way to raise a good human.

Hope's Door fundraiser | bringing donations

Written by Jennifer Garry
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