Intrigue Dance and Fitness kids birthday party Westchester

Intrigue Dance and Fitness kids birthday party Westchester

It happens every time. As we draw closer to my daughters’ birthdays that Pinterest party pull grabs hold of me and lures me in. I search the specific themes my girls have mentioned some interest in, wanting to push them towards the one that I can come up with the most picture perfect decor and desserts and games and favors for.

It’s so stupid.

When did kid’s parties become more about moms throwing elaborate mini-weddings to show how creative and impressive they are instead of reflecting what the kid actually wants?

This year I tried to slap myself out of it, at least a little. Ellie has been talking about a tea party since we went to a local tea place this summer and she relished every last second of drinking hot cocoa out of her very own, very fancy tea cup. My eyes most definitely lit up at the possibilities that could be found in a tea party.

As her birthday drew closer she threw another element into the mix, deciding she didn’t want just any old tea party. She wanted a Zumba tea party. This was a wrench I was not quite prepared for. How exactly does one throw a proper Zumba tea party? What the hell is a Zumba tea party?

Instead of taking it and running with it, I consulted the only expert on the subject in existence: my daughter. She wanted tea cups and she wanted to do Zumba just like she does at her classes with Tanya at Intrigue.

So, we booked a party at Intrigue Dance and Fitness—and it was seriously the best decision ever.

Westchester kids zumba party

We’ve had experience with Intrigue since both of my girls take classes there and Samantha has done after-school activities with Tanya, the owner. We’ve also been to a couple of parties there that went off without a hitch. On top of all of that, while I haven’t taken a class there myself (mostly due to the fact that my husband and I operate on a sort of crazy schedule and I squeeze my workouts in at home usually at a moment’s notice), I’m pretty sure almost everyone I know—from friends to friends of friends to my brother’s girlfriend’s grandma—has taken a class or two there and loved it.

And I can totally tell why. Not only does Tanya know what she’s doing, but she’s incredibly professional and runs a tight, well-oiled machine. She and her equally fabulous helpers Claudia and Janeen had everything down to a science. There was no guesswork or fear that something would be forgotten or left out. I literally just showed up and they did everything—and well.

If you know me, you know I’m a control freak—especially when it comes to my babies—so for me to be able to hand over control comfortably? You know those girls are good.

The only challenge I faced was figuring out a way to make my baby satisfied that her party was as much tea party as it was Zumba party. I ordered some (seriously affordable) tutus off of Amazon to pass out to the girls (they’re not available now but there are other options here).

To add the coveted tea cup into the mix, I found a set of fancy cups and saucers on Freecycle. There were enough to fill one with Hershey kisses for each of the girls as a favor and to put one at each place setting. They didn’t even use them at the party, but their presence was all my girl needed. Add some doilies under the paper plates and we had a bona fide fancy soiree.

Intrigue dance and fitness pizza party

That was quite literally all I had to do. Once we got there, Tanya and Claudia handled the kids while Janeen made sure everything was set and ready to go in the pizza and set up department. She was amazing and didn’t let me so much as lift a finger. I’ve never been more relaxed at a kids party in my life.

Which left me time to giggle at the cuteness of the kids and soak up every huge grin on my baby girl’s face as she enjoyed each and every second of her party. And that’s really what the whole thing is about, isn’t it?

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In case the pictures just aren’t enough, my husband put together a little video of Ellie’s party in action. She’s already watched it about 57 times. I for one totally understand the appeal. 😉

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.