Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY

Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NYA few weeks ago the girls and I were fortunate enough to attend an incredible event at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville. It was a special preview screening of Academy Award-nominated director Mark Osborne’s latest animated film, The Little Prince, followed by an awesome party at the Media Arts Lab. We had the best time!

Before the screening we got to participate in a special meet and greet with Mark (who lives in Hastings and is a refreshingly down-to-earth, kind human). We saw some of the figures that were used in the stop motion portions of the movie as well as the copy of The Little Prince his wife gave him while they were dating, and the César he recently won in France for the film.

Mark told us that the making of this film was more or less a family affair, which got the interest of this momma’s heart right away. The movie is the story of The Little Prince within a story about a little girl, who was inspired by his daughter. And Mark’s son voiced the Little Prince. My girls thought that was so cool.

Mark Osborne and Westchester bloggers at the screening of The Little Prince at Jacob Burns Film CenterMark Osborne talking to kids about the making of The Little Prince at Jacob Burns Film Centerprops and Mark Osborne's Cesar award for The Little Prince

And the movie itself was really cool too. Magical, really. I’m pretty sure I felt just about every emotion imaginable while watching it. There were tears and laughter and fear. It was beautiful. The last animated movie that got me right in the heart like this one did was Up.

My almost five-year old hit the nail on the head with her description: really sad, a little scary, but really good. We absolutely loved it (and so did the rest of the sold out audience). If you haven’t seen a preview, check it out below.

The Little Prince screening at Jacob Burns Film Center in Westchester, NYMark Osborne at the Jacob Burns Film Center screening of The Little Prince

When the movie was over, we walked over to the Media Arts Lab, which was decked out in decorations celebrating the movie. The girls’ eyes immediately lit up as they looked around and started noticing all of the awesome hands-on activities that were available for them to participate in.

Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab, Westchester NYpacked Media Arts Lab party after the Jacob Burns screening of The Little PrinceJacob Burns Film Center and Media Arts Lab

Some of our favorite activities were the clay stop motion animation station, the animated mural (where the art being made was turned into a stop-motion creation), making paper roses, the virtual reality room (that’s my girls and Mark Osborne in the headsets in the photo below) and a computer animation technique that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of.

learning stop motion clay animation at the Jacob Burns Media Arts LabJacob Burns Film Center Viewing and Doing stop motion art pieceJacob Burns Viewing and Doing virtual reality roomJacob Burns Viewing and Doing computer animation

My girls had an amazing time and I found it completely refreshing to be surrounded by people who genuinely love what they do and are eager and enthusiastic about sharing it with others. The kids that were there fed off of that energy and it made the whole event that much more special.

The Film Center offers courses at the lab for everyone from Pre-K through adult. They have also started a new monthly family event that is FREE on the first Saturday of every month. We will most definitely be back to check that out!

Jacob Burns Viewing and Doing watching stop motion videos

Written by Jennifer Garry
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