Pen pal ideas for kids - stationery to keep their interest

Super cute kids stationery is a fun and simple way to encourage kids to write notes or keep up with pen pals. This post is sponsored by Iscream. All opinions are my own. 

If your kids are anything like mine, they love getting stuff in the mail. There’s something so fun about having a surprise show up in your mailbox just for you. The anticipation of opening it up and seeing who it’s from and what’s inside can lead to birthday present level excitement. Hell, I love getting mail that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of bills I don’t want to think about or junk I don’t want to waste my time opening.

So why don’t we do more of it?!

Why don’t we send more mail that will brighten someone else’s day? It’s not at all the same as sending a quick text. I mean, it’s nice to let someone know you’re thinking of them with an emoji-filled sentence or two. But it’s so much nicer to get a handwritten note saying the same thing.

Can we challenge ourselves to write more letters and get our kids in on it too?

We can start small. One handwritten note a week for the next month is a great place to start. And these don’t have to be epic epistolary sensations that will one day be collected and turned into a book. They can be quick, short notes letting someone know you were thinking about them or cheering them on. They can tell a ridiculous joke or ask to get together. You can remind someone of a funny story or just say hello.

Pen pal ideas for kids

How do we get kids interested in writing letters to a pen pal when we can barely get them to do their homework?

The answer, my friends, is simple (and works for adults too): ridiculously fun stationery. When the paper and notecards and embellishments (like stickers and decals) are exciting, the whole idea of writing a note to a friend becomes so much more fun. Iscream, a brand that prides itself on creating products that are both fun and functional, is a great place to start. Their kids’ stationery is colorful and cute and had my girl squealing as she bounced up and down at the sight of it (note to boy moms: they have stuff your guys will love too!).

She absolutely loved that the glittery ice cream cone notecards come with envelopes that look like waffle cones and that the peace sign donut notecards actually smell like chocolate. The fun erasers were a big hit and the sparkly decals made her eyes light up, but, if I’m being honest, the holographic clipboard set stole her heart. As if holographic products aren’t cool enough (YouTubers seem to be obsessed right now), this set has a clipboard on the front, an interior pocket that comes with stickers and envelopes, and a notepad with super cool designs. Let’s just say, the whole thing makes my girl feel very official and it’s going to be traveling just about everywhere with us for the foreseeable future.

Pen pal ideas for kids - ridiculously cute kids stationery

Pen pal ideas for kids - fun stationery from Iscream

These products also had her itching for a reason to use them. She immediately ripped open a pack of notecards to write her bestie a note about two of their favorite things: unicorns and poop emojis (can you see my eyes rolling from here???). You know what though? I was not about to stop her. She happily wrote away and she’ll be thrilled to give it a go next week when I suggest writing another note.

The best thing is, if you can get your kid to send just one note, their friend will likely be so excited to receive one that they’ll send one right back. This will only make your kid want to keep the flow going. Obviously, that’s not always the case. Sometimes they’ll get nothing in return and that’s ok. If you can find someone who is looking for a pen pal, even better!

cute kids stationery for pen pal letters and note writing

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