letterfolk letterboard obsession


letterfolk letterboard obsession

We’ve established the fact that I’m a word nerd. Reading and writing and rambling are kind of my things. For as long as I can remember, words have excited me. So it’s really not that strange that when Letterfolk‘s modernized letterboards started popping up again and again (and again) in my Instagram feed, I was smitten. When I realized that the small company is run by Johnny and Joanna of Our Freaking Budget, I was straight up in love.

The idea of taking words and turning them into art that can be changed on a whim is something I love. I’ve done posts on word wall art and words on handmade pieces and even making a quick piece of DIY word art yourself. But for me, these letterboards are some other level shit. I can change it up depending on my mood (which, my husband will be happy to verify changes often). I can use it as a photo prop. I can lean it or hang it or let the girls practice spelling and writing on it. These things are awesome.

In case my gushing isn’t enough to convince you, I’ve grabbed some photos of Letterfolk letterboards from Instagram to show you different ways people have been using these guys.

letterfolk quotes | being a good friend is...letterfolk in the wild by @kaynixon

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letterfolk quotes | words may fail you but emojis never will

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letterfolk in the wild by @elisejoy

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letterfolk quotes | Andy Dwyer

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letterfolk in the wild by @amberxtine

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letterfolk in the wild by @greentiestudio

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letterfolk in the wild by @alysefrench

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letterfolk in the wild by @kimber.brown

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My friends, prepare yourselves to be bombarded. Because when this momma is obsessed with something, she generally goes the Go Big or Go Home route. I can’t wait to start playing with this thing!

What do you think? Are you on the obsession train with me? How would you use one?

Written by Jennifer Garry
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