Liberty Science Center with kids

Liberty Science Center with kids

The girls and I (and Samantha’s BFF) took a trip down to New Jersey this weekend to have some fun at Liberty Science Center. We had a blast the last time we were there and were expecting nothing less than an amazing time. While that’s usually a recipe for disaster, I’m happy to report that Liberty Science Center totally delivered.

I was shocked (again) at how much there is to do there. While the girls spent a fair amount of time climbing around the Infinity Climber and checking out Infection Connection like they did last time, this experience was completely different.

Liberty Science Center | Infinity Climber

Infection Connection

This time, the girls put on lab coats and goggles and sat down in the lab to learn how to test DNA samples for a virus. This was a major highlight of the trip for them. Not only did they get to look like scientists, but they got to do a hands-on science experiment.

The older girls also sat down with “patients” (which were basically mannequins) and got to learn how to diagnose their illnesses. They thought this was amazing, while Ellie was happy to run around crawling through blood vessels and riding the subway.

Liberty Science Center | Infection Connection experimentLiberty Science Center | Infection Connection diagnosisLiberty Science Center | Infection Connection subway ride

Touch Tunnel

Speaking of crawling, this time we got a chance to check out the Touch Tunnel too. The most popular exhibit there, the Touch Tunnel is an 80-foot, pitch black crawl-through tunnel that you find your way through entirely by touch. Since it’s so popular, the lines can get incredibly long.  Luckily we got there early enough in the day that we went through it multiple times before it got crowded. The girls loved the infrared pictures that were posted from inside the tunnel and that they could email them to themselves.

Liberty Science Center | Touch Tunnel


Skyscrapers! is a really cool. It shows off all of the engineering and design that goes into building the tallest buildings. While Ellie stayed on the ground level drawing skyscraper designs, the older girls put on harnesses and climbed 18-feet above the gallery floor to see what it’s like to be an ironworker walking around on steel beams.

There’s also an awesome Curtain Wall Test in this exhibit that shows how buildings are tested for weather resistance. You get to put on a poncho and sit in hurricane force winds and rain. It looked like so much fun, but there are age requirements for this one. Ellie was too young and the older girls were too young to go in without an adult. Bummer.

Liberty Science Center | Skyscrapers! exhibit: walking the beams

Curious George: Let’s Get Curious

The Curious George exhibit is back by poplar demand through January 8, 2017 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of George’s debut. Perfect for little ones, it’s filled with activities that invite kids to learn through hands-on experience and problem solving—just like George. There’s an apartment building with lots of wheels and pulleys, a space rocket slide, a sidewalk produce stand, farm, city park, and construction site. It’s children’s museum heaven for young kids.

Liberty Science Center | Curious George: Let's Get Curious!Liberty Science Center | Curious George: Let's Get Curious! apartment buildingLiberty Science Center | Curious George: Let's Get Curious! produce stand

After spending hours wandering around, I was completely exhausted—and we didn’t even get to check out Bodies Revealed or the Nikola Tesla Lightning Show. You know what that means, right? We have to go back again soon!

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As a Liberty Science Center Ambassador for the day, I was provided with vouchers for my visit. All opinions are my own… and those of my highly opinionated children.

Written by Jennifer Garry
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