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local love | peachwaveThe girls and I are completely obsessed with frozen yogurt right now. There’s been a crop of self serve places opening up in our area lately, but they all pale in comparison to our favorite: Peachwave.

With its bright and cheerful vibe, comfy seats, and shelves full of board games, once we get there we don’t want to leave. We would be perfectly happy sleeping in a pile of their bean bags and subsisting solely on froyo. And they’re not paying me to talk about this. We’re just that obsessed.

When we get there, the girls know just what to do…

peachwave frozen yogurt self servepeachwave toppings

Sam heads straight for the machines. She usually gets a combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and mint before heading to the toppings—which she changes up, but which always includes cookie dough.

Ellie has recently discovered the joys of the little test cups and inevitably asks if she can try something random. While she does, I fill her cup with her favorite chocolate and peanut butter combo before filling mine with coconut. I love the coconut—especially when topped with carob chips. Ellie likes to add rainbow sprinkles, mini M&Ms and Sno-Caps.

local love | peachwave frozen yogurt

Once our cups are nice and full, we stake out our territory. Samantha’s butt doesn’t even hit the seat before she’s running off to find a game for us to play. Ellie is totally cool with playing with Legos between bites before the game is all set up.

Sometimes we play a game we all know like Chutes and Ladders. This particular time Sam grabbed a Harry Potter game (she’s in the midst of devouring the series). None of us had seen it before and the directions were way too intense for a three year old and for learning over froyo, so Sam made up her own rules and we played that way.

local love | peachwave: playing legoslocal love | peachwave: playing games

Getting them to leave is always the tricky part. Luckily they know momma loves the places as much as they do and there’s not a chance that they’ll have to wait too long before we’re back again.

local love | peachwave

I also like that they are big into giving back to the community—aside from being totally open to fundraisers and “give-back” nights, they donate a portion of their proceeds to BeFoundation, which invests in education, arts and wellness to transform lives.

There are a bunch of Peachwave locations in Westchester. If you live locally you have to check one of them out. The girls and I promise you won’t be sorry. 😉

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*Please note: there are no Peachwave coupons in this book. It just happens to be one of our favorite local spots!

Written by Jennifer Garry
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