love letters | dear daughter

Like last year, I want to shine a little bit of light on all different sorts of love this February with a Love Letters miniseries. Every Friday I’m featuring posts about love from some fabulous guest bloggers—and they’re not the typical boy meets girl, cue fireworks kind of love story. These stories show that love comes in all different shapes and sizes—and all of them should be celebrated. Today’s post is from Katie of Simplified by Katie.

love letters | dear daughter

Dear Daughter,

With Valentine’s Day steadfastly approaching it seemed appropriate to write you a love letter, as you’re a constant reminder to me that when love is pure and palpable, it manifests into more. While Daddy will always be my Valentine, you join the ranks with the title of my Littlest Love, and I’m proud to be your mama.

While we have yet to meet face-to-face, I anticipate the March day that we’ll become better acquainted. Every day I grow more eager to kiss the hands and feet that politely pound from within me. I daydream about your destiny, and I’m still in awe that I get to be the one to help you join this big and beautiful world.

Since I’ve learned of your impending arrival, I’ve made some great changes in my life. It’s as if the news of you shook my soul and forced me to confront the canvas that I call fate. I’m painting myself a new landscape and my latest space will seek to savor the simple but significant moments of life. I’m so glad you’ll see me work to make myself better, and I’m excited to teach you to do the same.

Motherhood is a miracle. No doubt you and I will have our taste of turbulence together, but I’ll always remember and reflect on this time we’ve shared. You’ve already taught me so much, especially about patience and peace, and the joy I find in sharing space with you is innately impressive.

As you grow stronger and dare to debut, I thought I’d utter some advice. Trust me, it’s the first advice in a series of speeches to come. I’m sharing three lessons I’ve learned about life so far, and if I teach you nothing else, let these lessons be the voice that echoes throughout your endeavors in this lifetime.

First, let love be the center of your world. Too often, people lose focus on moments that matter or become distracted by detours. Make no mistake, love is the center of it all. I love you. Daddy loves you. Your family loves you. You’ll make friends who will love you too.  One day you’ll find someone who will speak to your spirit, and they’ll love you like it’s their primary purpose. Love is what this life is about. Find a way to do what you love and love what you do. Most importantly, treasure the time you’re given to love. It’s a privilege to love and be loved. And like any privilege you must never forget that you’re blessed beyond measure.

Second, laugh. I can’t tell you how important laughter is, especially in an often serious and scary world. There have been times where laughter has saved me, literally, from losing control. Your father makes me laugh uncontrollably. He’s no comedic genius, but much of my first lesson about love is tied to laughter. He makes me surrender myself and be silly, which keeps me humble and happy. Laughter will be entirely necessary as you transition from childhood to adulthood. Unfortunately, people tend to sacrifice laughter and, therefore, lose their ability to understand and appreciate that the drama of life is best associated with lessons of laughter.

Third, read. You’re probably rolling your eyes from within the womb as you’re already familiar with my love of reading. I make no apologies. I’m a lover of literature, and I firmly believe that what we read shapes our beliefs, breaks barriers and directs dreams. The written word, even in this age of advancement, holds great power and promise for those who take the time to immerse themselves accordingly. Read something significant. Lose yourself in a plot or commiserate with a character. There are pleasures and pains in books, and if it’s a good story, it should strike a chord or resonate with reality.

Love, laugh and read. These are things I’ve known to cultivate and command change for me so far. But if I’ve learned anything since I’ve heard your heartbeat for the first time it’s that the unexpectedness of life is what will take your breath away.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Littlest Love. I’m excited for the adventures that await. Until then, I’ll love, laugh and read some more. I love you, daughter.


Katie Zurich is a wife, soon-to-be mommy, daughter, sister and writer. She writes and lives life on the theory that simplicity makes sense, and she’s eager to extend her visions with readers and dreamers alike. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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