Minted holiday photo cards

Minted provided me with free product for review. All opinions are mine.

Minted holiday photo cards

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was gushing about Minted’s insanely beautiful cards and invitations? Well, I got my holiday photo cards and they are super cute!

I won’t lie to you. It took me an extraordinary amount of time to narrow down my top picks before I settled on this cheeky design. It just seemed to fit the photo (and the girls) so well. One thing that made the ordering process infinitely easier was Minted’s cool find it fast option, which lets you upload your photo so that you can see it on every card design. Doing it that way made it much easier for me to weed out designs that wouldn’t work with my photo because of layout or text placement. If only it could also help me conquer my indecisiveness. 😉

Another cool service I took advantage of was their free address assistant, which saved me SO MUCH time. All I had to do was upload the addresses I planned on mailing my cards to and choose a fun envelope design. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that this feature made me do a little happy dance. Here’s a more in-depth look at how it works:

Minted holiday photo cards address assistant

Awesome, right? I usually write all of the addresses by hand, but I’m a lefty and it makes me insane when I inevitably smudge the ink. Also, did I mention that this feature saved me a TON of time? I would pay for this service, but the fact that it’s free makes it a million times better!

close up of Minted holiday photo card

When my cards came in the mail I couldn’t wait to immediately send them all out. Aside from the fact that they feature my (unbearably cute) babies, I was so excited to have a non-generic design that completely captures their personalities.

Also, can we talk about the fact that Minted’s cards are smooth as butter? I always know when I’m opening one because they feel different. They’re thick and have some weight to them. Some people might not care, but to stationery geeks like me, this is important.

our holiday photo cards from Minted

Another very cool feature that I didn’t realize existed is that Minted allows you to buy holiday cards now and personalize them later so that you can take advantage of a promotional offer and finish adding photos, text, or addresses even after the promotion has expired. Now that is right up this deal-hunting girl’s alley. If you’re like me and never make an online purchase without searching for a discount code, you can find Minted coupon codes here.

Do you love Minted too? I’ve partnered up with them to offer two lucky readers a $125 Minted gift card!

To enter, just head over to and fill out the form by December 19, 2016. Good luck!

PS you can find Minted’s holiday delivery deadlines here.

Written by Jennifer Garry
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