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It’s been far too long since my last Momtrepreneur post (6+ months!!!). And since I’ve been on the girl power, small business express train lately, I decided that I absolutely had to revive it.

My hope with this series is to both empower women who need that little extra push to start their own business and to inspire the ladies who have already done so but who could use a little encouragement. And, of course, I’m also hoping to spotlight fabulous small business owners and send some much-deserved business their way.

The newest businesswoman in our little mom club of awesome is Danielle Hale. She is the owner and designer of Pieces to Peaces, a funky, fashion forward accessory shop.Momtrepreneur | Pieces to Peaces

Tell me a little bit about your business. When did you start it? What inspired you to get it going? Did you start before or after having your daughter?

Momtrepreneur | Danielle Hale of Pieces to Peaces

I’ve always been a creator and a crafter but it wasn’t until I had my daughter, Emerie Jayde, that I started Pieces To Peaces. I really wanted to stay at home with her and knew I had to make it happen.

I started my shop with the goal of making functional and unique headbands that could fit both my daughter and I. It soon spiraled into offering many styles of accessories for all types of free spirits.

My goal was to create many versatile pieces that could be worn anywhere—from the yoga studio to a night out on the town. I strongly believe in using American-made materials and source most of my fabrics from the California area and even offer some hand-drawn organic options.

Momtrepreneur | Pieces to Peaces Arizona tile peace turbanPieces to Peaces / Arizona tile peace turbanMomtrpreneur |Pieces to Peaces peach bouquet mama and daughter setPieces to Peaces / peach bouquet mama & daughter set

How do you balance motherhood and running your business?

Balance? Haha! That is kind of crap. I just go from day to day and do the best I can to stay afloat. I devote most of my day time to my Emerie and the evenings and early mornings to the business. I do have two nice women that help me with the business so that definitely helps! My mind pretty much never stops coming up with new ideas for headbands and marketing!

How does being a mom affect your business? Would you do anything differently if you didn’t have kids?

Being a mom definitely effects my business because I’m not always able to accomplish everything I’d love to. It also makes me have to say NO to a lot of projects or ideas that could be a waste of my time—but this is actually a good thing. You learn to decide where to put your energy and to stay away from energy vampires.

Momtrepreneur | Pieces to Peaces navajo blanket peace turbanPieces to Peaces / Navajo blanket peace turban

Momtrepreneur | Pieces to Peaces mustard rockabilly bowPieces to Peaces / mustard rockabilly bow

What inspires you creatively? 

I’m daily inspired by the nature around me in Washington, meditation, and by my magical daughter, Emerie. I truly am a hippie at heart. <3

Do you have any tips for other moms who are looking to turn their passion into a business?

My advice would be to not let time or finances effect your dream. I know ladies that work full time and are single moms that are still making it happen with their small business. It might take longer but just go for it. Don’t be afraid to approach “larger” shops on collaborating—most likely they will say yes! I personally make it a goal to network and work with other mama shops on a daily basis. I think collaboration is needed more in the handmade community!

Momtrepreneur | Pieces to Peaces navajo blanket infinity scarfPieces to Peaces / Navajo blanket infinity scarf

Momtrepreneur | Pieces to Peaces kelly green love knotPieces to Peaces / kelly green love knot

Danielle has been gracious enough to offer Cuddles and Chaos readers a 20% off discount on items at Pieces to Peaces with discount code Momtrepreneur. Seriously, that is a STEAL. Run forth and purchase!

If you know a momma who started her own handmade business and you think she deserves a shout out (or if you think you deserve a shout out!) send me an email or leave a link to her website in the comments.

And don’t worry, non-mommas! I’ve got a new series coming for general makers as well! Feel free to leave your link in the comments if you’d like to be considered!

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.