multipurpose momma products

When you find out you’re preggers for the first time, the whole registering for baby essentials thing can be a little intimidating. OK, it can be paralyzingly intimidating.

When I (unexpectedly) got pregnant with Samantha, I launched into full-on control freak mode. It was slightly alarming at the time because I don’t think that had ever really been part of my personality (but it is now, friends! It’s here to stay!).

I started picking up books and magazines on baby products and I would highlight and take notes and make extensive lists about safety ratings and price comparisons. I was straight up obsessed.

But what the books and magazines never told me is that you’re way better off with one magical product that does a few things than a million different highly coveted items–especially when you have more than one kid and are like a traveling circus whenever you leave the house anyway.

I thought I’d put a list together of a few of my favorite multi-purpose momma products. This list is by no means extensive. It’s tiny, but it’s a start…

multi-purpose momma products

SvetlanaN cotton and wood nursing necklace, $24 / 2 Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teether, $18.06 / 3 Aquafor baby healing ointment, 14 oz for $14.99 / 4 Chewbeads silicone emerald green Jane necklace, $29.50 / 5 aiden + anais muslin swaddles, 4 pack for $34.95 / 6 Kelly Moore Mimi bag, $199 / 7 Chewbeads skinny Charles bangle silicone three-piece set, $19.50

Nursing/teething jewelry

Babies love shiny things. They also love pretty much anything momma adorns herself with, which means whether they’re nursing or just hanging with mom they’re bound to grab at (and possibly drool all over) your jewels.

Sometimes it’s not such a big deal. Other times, you’re either afraid they’re going to gnaw a piece off and choke or they’re going to rip your expensive necklace right off. Nursing/teething jewelry lets you accessorize in peace by solving that problem. These pieces are specifically made for babies to chew on.

Added bonus: there’s no need to bring a teether (that you will lose at least once and at the most inopportune time) with you because if baby cakes starts to fuss you can just hand over your wrist and let her chomp her little heart out.

Sophie the Giraffe

For those times when you really do need a teether (like a long car ride or if you’re going to a big family party and know the little bugger will be passed around all day), this cutie is perfect. It’s easy for baby to grab, has lots of different pieces he can chew on and doubles as a toy (Sophie even squeaks!).

I got my niece one for Chistmas and it’s one of her favorite things to drool on!


This stuff is magic in a jar. Dry skin patches? Use it. Poor, chapped little nose from a cold? Use it again. Diaper rash? Bring on the Aquafor. Instead of bringing lotions and diaper rash ointments and baby formulated chap sticks everywhere you go, throw a little tub of this stuff in your diaper bag and you will be fully prepared for any minor skin-related problem.

Muslin swaddle

I went out for breakfast with my new mommy friend (well, she’s an old friend who happens to be a new mom) the other day and was in love with her super cute burp cloth. When I professed my love, she told me it was actually a muslin swaddle. Mind = blown. Why hadn’t I ever thought of that?!

A muslin swaddle is a seriously perfect multi-purpose product. It’s a lightweight blanket, burp cloth and nursing cover all in one. And once baby gets a little bigger and is sitting up, it works as a little something to sit them on so they’re not all over the filthy floor.

Diaper bag that doubles as a purse

This is essential. A diaper bag/purse combo means you’ll have one less thing to lug around with you (and one less thing to lose).

Yes, there are tons of Winnie the Pooh diaper bags out there that totally match your nursery and all of your blankets and the outfits you registered baby for. But do you want to carry it everywhere? More importantly, do you want to carry it and your purse everywhere? I’m guessing no.

What you need is an awesome bag with enough compartments to organize baby stuff and your extensive lip gloss collection. Organization is key here. You don’t want a big bag that you just throw stuff in and have to dig through to find the wipes when you’re dealing with an explosive diaper.

What do you think? Is there any multi-purpose product that you couldn’t survive motherhood without? Share it in the comments!

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.