Bad Dad's Guide to Naming Your Stupid Book Club

For those of you who haven’t been exposed to Bad Dad before, he’s my husband and he’s a little fresh. We usually don’t let him out around polite company, but once in a while he finds a way to sneak onto the blog and horrify me. If you haven’t met him before, I apologize in advance…

So as many of you know, Jen has started up some book club where she and some friends are going to read some (probably very bad) books. When recruited to try and help come up with a name for the book club, the conversation went something like this:

“I’m having trouble coming up with a name for the book club.”

“Uhhh… Does the book club really need to have a name?”

[death glare] “Yes. And don’t be an asshole.”

So I then went on to come up with SEVERAL book club names, which I happened to think were fantastic. Needless to say, I was deemed less than helpful and relieved of my duties as “guy even remotely pretending to help in any way.”

Without further ado, here were my contributions, each one probably better than whatever name is finally actually chosen.

Bad Dad's Guide to Naming Your Stupid Book Club

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being… In a Book Club with a Shitty Name
  • The Babyshitters Club
  • The Wind-Up Bitch Chronicles
  • Twilight: The Book Club
  • Don’t Let the Women Read the Books (a Mo Willem riff)
  • Confederacy of Dumb Bitches
  • The Bitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • A Heartbreaking Bunch of Staggering Idiots
  • The Brief and Wondrous Life of This Book Club That Everyone Will Give Up On After Like a Week
  • These Books May Be Crap But At Least I’m Not Watching The Kardashians I Guess
  • Star Wars (But We’re Reading Books)
  • Romeo and Juliebook
  • Book IT! (book club meets at Pizza Hut)
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Read Me a Book
  • Book Club (like Fight Club, get it?)

Since Tim was not even remotely helpful and I’m completely tapped out (I mentioned this on my personal Facebook last night, but the best I can come up with right now is a Jesse Pinkman-inspired “Books, Bitch!”), our little bundle of book-filled joy is going to remain nameless for the time being.

I’m hoping the weekend will bring a strike of brilliance (shut up, Tim) and we’ll have a name and hashtag to keep up with each other. If you have any ideas, share them in the comments and save my brain from imploding!

Now for our winner! It was a seriously tight race, but we do have a winner!

Book Club pick: This Is Where I Leave YouNot going to lie, I’m totally excited to read this one. I took it out from the library a month or so ago, but I had to return it before I got a chance to start it (the story of my life). Also, I didn’t realize it but the author (Jonathan Tropper) lives in Westchester and teaches writing at Manhattanville College. #smallworld

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Written by Jennifer Garry
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