Oscars 2015 hair | get the look: Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson

Usually, after the Oscars I’m all about the dresses and a healthy dose of snark. And don’t get me wrong, I love both. But as my daughter inches closer and closer to tweendom and the dreaded middle school years and inevitable mean girls, making fun of other women’s looks seems more and more like what it actually is: stupid.

So instead of jumping on the fashion police bandwagon, I teamed up with Melissa Scrofani and Meredith Hayman—two of my favorite local beauty gurus—to celebrate our most loved looks of the night and show you how you can achieve them too.

First up, Melissa is talking about hair…

Oscars 2015 hair | get the look: Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson

Oscars 2015 Best Hair: Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson

I love simple but very feminine looks that can be brought to red carpet events or can be used for an everyday look. Jennifer Anniston’s simple blowout is the perfect example—anyone can wear this look. To recreate it, blow dry your hair in sections and make sure you use a volumizer (like Redken Guts 10) to add a little extra hold and volume to your hair.

Another great example of feminine hair that can be dressed up or down was Dakota Johnson and her pony. There were a ton of ponytails on the red carpet, but Dakota’s was my favorite. This look can be super casual or glammed up, but either way it’s a great no-fuss style. To recreate this look, you should pay careful attention to the placement of the ponytail to keep it classy. Make sure your pony is placed right above the occipital bone (the curved bit at the base of your skull) and the middle of your head. Tease and add a texturizing spray (like Oribe dry texturing spray) to keep the tail wavy and modern. A volumizer like Guts 10 by Redken is a good idea too.

Next up, Meredith is talking about her favorite face of the night.

Oscars 2015 beauty | get the look: Margot Robbie

Oscars 2015 Best Face: Margot Robbie

To achieve Margot’s drop dead gorgeous look, start with your eyes. Sweep a soft shadow that is close to your natural skin tone onto your lid. Color your top and bottom lash line with a pink metallic liner like Georgio Armani’s Eye Liner in Quarzo.

Next, apply mascara starting at the root of your top lashes and wiggling through the end of your lashes. Starting at the root gives the illusion of a thick black liner at the top lash line. Then gently tap the mascara wand to your bottom lashes to enhance them.

Natural, full brows are very on trend—use a clean brow grooming comb to brush brows up and then seal in place with a clear brow gel.

Margot chose a matte warm red lipstick similar to Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl.

Finish the look with a matte foundation and concealer that matches your skin perfectly and a dusting of warm rose blush.

I have to say, I’m totally with Melissa and Meredith on these choices. I love that they’re gorgeous looks that any of us can wear. The next time I get out with my husband, I might just have to try Dakota’s pony mixed with Margot’s lip.

To find out more info about Melissa’s hair services and Meredith’s makeup services (especially if you’re a local Westchester girl), be sure to click over to their websites—I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of both of these ladies.

Now tell us, which were your favorite looks?

Oscars photos via POPSUGAR

Written by Jennifer Garry
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