winter max style

I’ve been avoiding doing a personal style post since I started blogging. While I love checking out my favorite style blogs daily, the idea of doing a post of my own makes me itch.

When I promised myself that I would step out of my (tiny) box this year and do things that make me uncomfortable, I knew this would be one of them. It might sound silly. It sort of is. But small steps, people! Small steps.

So, despite feeling like an idiot and second guessing this decision all weekend, I’m going through with it. I’m pretty sure the only way I can make it through this first post is if you hold my hand and allow me a nice round of self-deprecation. Deal?

OK. So. I’m giving you both a winter maxi style idea and the five things I learned about myself while doing this post.

winter maxi styleSalt City Design slouchy hat :: Jessica Simpson scarf :: crew neck cardigan (similar) :: bangles (includes Kate Spade bridesmaid idiom bangle and Kate Spade et cetera idiom bangle):: Old Navy maxi :: G by Guess boots (similar)

I’m incredibly awkward.

Man, there must be something really interesting out in the distance there. Interesting and somber. What am I staring at?!

Honestly, I know that I’m awkward. But nothing makes you realize just how awkward you are until you stare at pictures of yourself. Suddenly it’s Do I always do that with my eyes/mouth/hands? And why have I never noticed that I do that? And how do I stop?

winter maxi style

I need posture lessons.

When I wasn’t leaning back against something, I was slouched forward all Quasimodo like. I mean, I knew I have a bit of a posture problem but I didn’t realize just how terrible it was until I saw shot after shot of myself with my shoulders pulled in like a little old lady.

Note to self: add yoga to the docket today.

winter maxi style

When I’m nervous I clench my fists.

Almost all of the photos included tightly clenched fists. I did not realize that I do this when I’m nervous, but apparently I’m ready to throw down at any moment. Watch yourself, fools.

winter maxi style

The lack of variety in my closet is depressing.

I made my sister come over to help me out with this post (yeah, I had that much anxiety about it). I’ve been wanting to incorporate some of my favorite maxis from last summer into my winter wardrobe so I knew that’s what I wanted to show.

My problem? There’s not nearly enough variety going on in my closet. Every question my sister asked (What about a boatneck sweater? Do have any other crew neck sweaters? What other belts do you have?) was pretty much shut down.

Somehow I’ve gotten into the habit of buying the same thing in 90 different colors (I’m talking to you, v-neck tees). While there’s nothing horrible about that, it doesn’t really give me much to work with when I’m looking to step outside of the box that is my regular uniform. I need to add a couple of pieces that let me mix things up every once in awhile.

winter maxi style

I need to study some of the fab fashionistas out there.

There are about a million reasons why this is true (not the least of which is avoiding incredibly awkward shots like this one). And I don’t want to bore you with all of them. But the style ideas you can get and make your own when you see how other real women dress is pretty much endless.

Seeing a blogger try a style that you never thought you could pull off might be all the push you need to go for it and try something new yourself. I know I need that help!

I can’t promise how regularly I’ll do styled posts, but I really feel like the act of doing them will force me to think about what I wear more and will ultimately result in me feeling better about myself–even if that was absolutely not the case this time around ;).

Do you tear yourself to shreds when you see photos of yourself?

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.