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Yesterday, before I was even finished with my morning smoothie, I was positive that removing clumps of hair by the fistful would be more fun than dealing with the shitstorm I found myself in the middle of. My little bubble of zen was completely punctured and there was air exploding wildly (and loudly) and throwing my little bubble every which way with uneccessary force. Not cool.

I’m sure you can relate. We all have to deal with things we’d rather sweep under the rug. Some of us (this is me, raising my hand and waving it around overzealously) have to be pushed into the lion’s den and forced to take action because we hate confrontation. Others enjoy a good battle and head into it with a little bit more gusto.

Either way, dealing with sticky situations can leave us wallowing in little pools of sorrow and self pity. I try desperately to pull myself out of these toxic pools by wading into much more positive territory. As silly and as hokey as it may sound, I often start the process by burying myself in inspirational quotes. I like to get the good vibes flowing and take the next step from there.

This post is for any of you who currently has a handful of hair and a cloudy outlook. Take a deep breath and rebuild your zen bubble…

be a fountain not a drain via The Nester

via The Nester

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