Pinch of Positivity: The Motivated Type inspirational quote

Guys, I’m in one of those stress cycles again. I know you know what I mean. The kind of thing where if you clear one stressful thing off your plate, you immediately find something else that’s just as stressy (yeah, that’s a word now) to obsess over. The kind of thing where you can’t force your brain to be quiet for long enough to take a deep breath and relax.

Well, I’m tired of it now.

I recently got a new freelance client who has been keeping me nice and busy. This is awesome. Only it comes with a little bit of stress as I try to juggle tasks and schedules around to accommodate deadlines and rush projects. Instead of being elated that I have more clients and I’m busier (which was one of my main goals for this year), I’m just running around in circles in a big ol’ stress bubble.

What I need is a change in perspective. Instead of working my butt off to get through a project and to some imaginary stress-free place at the end of the tunnel, I need to see this as my new normal. I’m busier now and I have to adjust both my schedule and my way of thinking to work with it and find some sort of happy place.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know what I do when I get to this place. Yeah, that’s right. I head to the old Pinterest inspiration board and try to soak up some zen…

Pinch of Positivity: The Motivated Type inspirational quoteThe Motivated Type

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Written by Jennifer Garry
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