perfect flip flop weather by 22 and love


The sun is shining, the breeze is refreshing and the humidity is incredibly low. The weather in NY today couldn’t be any more perfect. With heat and humidity in the forecast by mid week, it’s an ideal day for a picnic…

perfect flip flop weather by 22 and loveby 22 and Love

Pink Picnic by A Very Story

A Very Story

picnic attire

picnic fashion

1 Jessica Simpson :: 2 NY Metals :: 3 Lands’ End (no longer available) :: 4 Brooklyn Arts (no longer available)

picnic accessories

picnic accessories

1 Nstar Studio :: 2 Haven Vintage :: 3 Vinca Vintage (no longer available)
4 Bird in Hand Vintage

Copse by Emery DriveEmery Drive

Summer Evening by A Very Story

A Very Story

Sunday Poetry by A Very StoryA Very Story

Written by Jennifer Garry
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