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I’m always really reluctant to embrace fall. While I love the general idea of it, I hate that the laidback ease of summer is over and winter is edging closer. Still, by the time fall foliage is at its peak around here, I’m suddenly all about fall spices and warm layers and soft, cozy blankets.

I’m pretty sure fall is synonymous with comfy.

Which is a pretty good thing since it softens the blow that winter inevitably deals us. Can you tell that I’m not a fan of the cold? Or snow? Or ice?

But I’m definitely a fan of the clothes the cold weather forces me into. And of stalking fabulous cold weather fashion on Pinterest so that I can share them with you…

cold weather fashion | A Lacey Perspective

A Lacey Perspective

cold weather fashion | via Britta Nickel

via Britta Nickel

cold weather fashion | the daybook

the daybook

cold weather fashion | via Lucy Laucht

Lucy Laucht via Underdressed and Overwhlemed

cold weather fashion | one little momma

One Little Momma

cold weather fashion | In Honor of Design

In Honor of Design

cold weather fashion | via Closet Prep

via Closet Prep

cold weather fashion | Loppisliv


cold weather fashion | Sidewalk Ready

Sidewalk Ready

cold weather fashion | Atlantic-Pacific via Who What Wear

Atlantic-Pacific via Who What Wear

The only problem? I never look like these effortlessly chic ladies. I inevitably look like a polar bear with extra padding and bright red cheeks because I’ve been a little overzealous in the preparation department.

A girl can dream though, right?

cold weather fashion inspiration

Written by Jennifer Garry
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