inspiring shelf decorating ideas

If you’re looking to do a quick revamp of a room or space, restyling your shelves is a small change that can make a big impact. I collected some shelf decorating ideas from around the internet to give you a little bit of inspiration for styling your own shelves.

We recently acquired an old family hutch from my brother-in-law. After playing a bit of Tetris to figure out where the heck we could fit it, I became obsessive about styling it (because obsessive is kind of my middle name). I’ve been seeing gorgeous shelfies (I love that word, #sorrynotsorry) all over Pinterest and Instagram, but when I go to fill a shelf it usually looks like a hot, unkempt mess no matter how hard I try to be cool and artsy.

So I decided to do what I usually do and get completely lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole. And to make myself feel better about all of the time I lost there, I put together a blog post of some of my favorite shelf decorating ideas so that I could call it “work” and share it with anyone else who hates what their shelves look like.

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inspiring shelf decorating ideas

Shelf styling inspiration

shelf decorating ideas via Lobster and Swan

via Lobster and Swan

shelf decorating ideas via Apartment 34

via Apartment 34 (click through for styling tips)

shelf decorating ideas via Planete Deco

via Planete Deco

shelf decorating ideas via The Decor Fix

via The Decor Fix (click through for styling tips)

shelf decorating ideas via Bless'er House

via Bless’er House

shelf decorating ideas via Decoholic

via Decoholic

shelf decorating ideas via Love grows Wild

via Love Grows Wild

The whole rabbit hole thing is actually pretty productive when I go all in and lay out my favorites like this. It tells me things about the style I gravitate to that I didn’t really realize before. While I knew I’m in the midst of a love affair with white (it’s so bright and clean!), I didn’t realize how much I love the combination of natural pieces like wood and plants with some industrial accents. Different colored metals and geometric shapes seem to be a recurring theme. I think I really like the texture and the almost quirky juxtaposition these different things bring. Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Fixer Upper and drooling at everything Joanna Gaines does. So there’s that.

Now, I finally styled my new-to-me hutch with bits and pieces I found all around the house but I’m still not one hundred percent sure how I feel about it. Head over to Instagram to see the final result and let me know what you think!

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