Show Me Your Workspace | illustrator Brianna Baker

You know all of those blog posts out there about what’s inside someone’s purse or diaper bag? I’ve always been inexplicably obsessed with them. I think I just really like getting behind scenes glimpses into how other people live. I totally realize that many of them are meticulously stylized or even purposefully incorporate a specific brand for a sponsored post. I still love them.

Lately I’ve been wondering what other people’s workspaces look like—especially when they work from home like I do. I want to see how they set up their space and I want to know what works and what they love about it.

I’m hoping to start a series of posts like this one, where small business owners show off the space behind their work. If you’re interested in participating, send me an email at

This week I have Brianna Baker back. Last week she showed us a little behind the scenes peek at how she creates a children’s book. This week she’s showing off where she actually does her work.

Show Me Your Workspace | illustrator Brianna Baker

Tell me a little bit about your space.

I moved to my apartment in Yonkers at the beginning of this year and immediately envisioned setting up a small studio with an art desk by the row of windows. The natural lighting makes it much easier to focus on my art and the lovely view can also be artistically inspirational. I made a few small decorative terrariums to hang by the windows.  I keep my art supplies and favorite illustrated books on a small shelf next to my desk where my pet fish also keeps me company. I frequently pull out my favorite illustrated books for inspiration while working on my own story ideas.

Show Me Your Workspace | light-filled studio

Show Me Your Workspace | natural light

Show Me Your Workspace | terrariums

Show Me Your Workspace | shelves

What is your favorite part of your workspace? Why?

I like the way I’ve decorated the space around the windows by hanging terrariums. I like interior decorating and I feel more inspired when the space around me is colorful and well decorated. I made the terrariums a while ago and realized I could hang them with removable command hooks without damaging the walls.

Show Me Your Workspace | handmade terrariums

Show Me Your Workspace | hanging terrariums

Were there any places you had to change to make your space more efficient?

I wanted to make room for my sewing machine on the desk as well, but that takes up a lot of room, so I have to keep that and any other crafting materials I don’t have room for in boxes under the desk.

Is there anything in your space that you couldn’t live without?

I like having something to listen to while I draw, so it’s helpful that I have the TV in the same room as my desk. I often just turn on a show for the sake of having background noise, pull out my supplies and start zeroing in on the art project. Sometimes I don’t even notice what’s been playing on TV till I get up and take a stretch break. As far as the supplies I use the most often/couldn’t live without, I’d go with my Micron drawing pens.

Is there something in or about your space that inspires creativity?

Aside from the decorations around the desk, I try to frame paintings and keep them hanging around the room. I hang other artists’ work to inspire me and my own to remind myself that I am creative as well. My brother actually framed some comics from my webcomic as a gift for me and I like looking at that for inspiration because it’s mostly drawings of funny memories with my siblings. Feel free to check out my webcomic if you’re interested in funny/cute childhood stories, craft ideas and other art.

Show Me Your Workspace | framed artIs this space typically clean or messy? Does that effect how you work?

I try to keep my space clean, but I think when I’m most productive you’ll see my space messiest because that’s when there’s paint and snippets of paper everywhere. If it gets too messy my pet fish makes judgmental eyes at me to keep me in line.

Show Me Your Workspace | office fish

Brianna Baker is a 23 year old graduate of George Mason University. Her first children’s book received a positive review from Kirkus Reviews and she hopes to pursue more ambitious projects in the future. Her books are available on Amazon. Contact her for a free reading at your school, bookstore, or family event:

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