simple kids reading nook #kidsdecor #kidsroom

The plight of the second child, man. My little one has spent most her life living around her big sister’s whims. From being dragged to each and every occasion her sister has participated in since her birth (and being expected to nap nicely and cooperate while doing so) to the layout and decor of their shared bedroom, Ellie has always been expected to sort of go with the flow. And, don’t get me wrong—she’s good at it. But once in awhile, you have to throw a girl a bone.

As she gets closer to the end of her kindergarten year, Ellie has started standing her ground a little more. She’ll still tear up and play the baby card any chance she gets, but she’s starting to show signs of liking things a certain way (like the three separate piles of Fancy Nancy books lying in the middle of the floor in their room)—and she’ll fight to keep them that way.

To give her a little space of her own in the midst of their big-sister-dominated shared stuff, I teamed up with The Baby Cubby to create a small, simple kids reading nook where she can practice her brand-new reading skills.

simple kids reading nook #kidsdecor #kidsroom

kids reading nook with Baby Cubbysimple kids reading nook

Super simple kids reading nook

It’s pretty bare bones, but it’s nice to give her a little area that feels like it belongs to her. I got two fun and colorful Petit Pehr pom pom storage bins. I love the playful colors and the added texture the pom poms give these guys. It makes them a little fancier—and Ellie is always up for fancy. In the bigger bin, I put a few of the books she’s really into right now. I plan to regularly swap them out—maybe choosing books based around the season and her reading level.

I also got that super cute Petal Lane magnet board that says “Wake up and be awesome.” I absolutely love that it’s a piece of art on its own but that Ellie can also interact with it. The other pom pom bin is filled with a bunch of our letter magnets, which allows her to spell out different words and practice some of the strategies they’re learning in school.

kids room decor reading nook

She brought over a few pillows and a stuffed elephant to get all snuggly, which got me thinking about other options for making the space more comfy. My mother-in-law mentioned not that long ago that she has a teacher friend who uses big dog beds for reading in her classroom. They’re nice and comfy like pillows and the whole thing can be thrown in the washing machine when something inevitably gets spilled on it. It sounds a little crazy at first, but the more you think about it, it’s brilliant!

There’s not a lot of room in this spot, but if I find something she can store in her closet when she’s not reading, it would be perfect!

super simple kids reading nook with baby cubby

The Baby Cubby is a website filled with “the best of everything baby,” from bottles and diaper bags to strollers and nursery decor. But don’t let the “baby” part fool you. Their Art & Decor section is filled with pieces kids of all ages will love. Hell, I would be happy to put some of it in my living room! In fact, I wouldn’t mind moving this reading nook there.

I received product from The Baby Cubby for this post but opinions are my own.

Written by Jennifer Garry
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