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Westchester summer adventures - Alamo DrafthouseI’ve been trying to focus on outdoor adventures so far, to keep my kids active and out in the sunshine without electronic devices glued to their palms. But some weeks, it’s just too damn hot and sticky to adventure outside without the fear of heat stroke. So last week, we took our adventure inside to Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, where we could enjoy lunch and a movie.

If you’ve never been, Alamo Drafthouse is not your typical movie theater. It’s also not just for adults. The theater features comfy chairs with movable armrests (perfect for snuggling kids during scary parts without contorting your body into impossible positions) and a small counter in front of each row. Waiters make their way through the rows with the stealth of ninjas to take orders (written on a piece of paper and left for them so you don’t disrupt the movie) and deliver food. My girls thought this was just about the coolest place ever.

Westchester family fun | Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers

With a new kids menu featuring healthy options and kids’ favorites, even the pickiest kids (cough, mine!) will find something to get excited about. The new menu lets them choose a main dish, a side, and a sweet. There was much excitement over the fact that the cookies arrived fresh from the oven.

My girls also loved the pre-show, which features hilarious, ridiculous shorts that are somehow related to the movie. We saw The Secret Life of Pets, so there were a lot animals in silly situations cracking my kids (and me!) up. Not once did they complain they were bored or ask when the movie would start. That right there is straight up magic.

Alamo Drafthouse preshow

In addition to new releases, Alamo Drafthouse has a Kids Camp series running throughout the summer, Monday through Friday at 11 am. It features older movies (from The Karate Kid to The LEGO Movie) that screen for a $1-3 donation. 100% of those ticket sales are donated to Hudson Valley Writers’ Center and SPCA of Westchester. And on Tuesdays they offer Baby Day matinees, which gives new parents a chance to get out and enjoy a movie with baby in tow.

We had a great time and totally recommend checking them out for a different kind of movie experience!

Have you ever taken your kids to Alamo Drafthouse?

Written by Jennifer Garry
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