Top Picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show

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Man, have times changed since I had teeny tiny babies! We hung out at the New York Baby Show for a few hours this Saturday and there were so many incredible products that I wished were available when my girls were infants. The baby gear scene can change dramatically in just a year or two and this show is a great way for new and/or expectant parents to check out the newest products from a wide range of retailers (from giants like Babies R Us to smaller mom-run companies).

Before I show off a few of my top picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show, here’s a little peek at our time there.

As you can tell, I was incredibly enthusiastic about some of the products we discovered even though I don’t have any babies—which brings me to my favorite picks. I’m coming at this from a different perspective than new moms might: as a veteran momma, I’m really interested in products that grow with you and that can be used well after the sleep-deprived new baby stupor wears off. I’m also interested in innovative products that solve a problem in a brand new way. My top picks fall into one or both of those categories.

Are you ready?!

Top Picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show

Top Picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show


embé was the first product to catch my eye. A two-way swaddle (you can wrap baby with legs in or legs out), it’s the only convertible swaddle of its kind. And let me tell you, I really could have used one of these!

My girls loved being all scrunched up and close, but they both had wild legs and hated having them confined. I had people who were very sure of their swaddling skills (and a little obnoxious about it) wrap both of my girls up—positive they would stay that way—only to have them break free almost immediately. A leg-free swaddle would have let their wild legs go, while keeping their top half close and bundled like they liked. I love it.

I also loved that the swaddle grows with the baby, with different snaps for different sizes and that you can easily change a diaper without unwrapping the top half. Genius!

I’m a little bit partial to the back story of this product too. It was started by a mom (and aerospace engineer) who could not find a swaddle that left her baby’s legs out during the warmer months. She didn’t just brush it aside and forget about it though. She created a prototype, secured a patent, and made the huge leap from engineering into starting her own retail business.

Top Picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show | embe 2-way swaddle


Next up on my list is pello, which was also started by an innovative mom. This momma wanted her babies to be safe and warm and close by while she was busy doing things around the house. The floor seemed too cold and a blanket didn’t seem like enough either. After seeing a mom rest her baby on a pillow during a breastfeeding support group and later watching her six-month old try to sit up and fall, the idea for pello came to her.

pello is a super soft, gorgeous floor pillow that works for infants all the way to school-aged children (in fact, Ellie really wants one). It can cushion the teeniest of babies, work as a tummy time play mat (it has little rings around the sides where you can attach toys and a clip for pacifiers), or work as a cozy floor pillow for older kids looking to snuggle up with a book or watch a video on the iPad. It’s also machine washable (!!!) and has two handles that you can put your arm through to make it easier to move while carrying a baby. I’m obsessed.

You can see more (and notice that I can’t stop touching it) here.

Top Picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show | pello luxury floor pillow for babies

Storksak diaper bags

I also really loved the Storksak diaper bags. When Samantha was a baby, I swear you could only find diaper bags that were covered in licensed characters or that looked like they belonged inside a nursery. Which, when you think about it, is completely ridiculous. Moms (and dads!) lug diaper bags around for years. They should look like a bag that you would normally choose to carry around with you!

Storksak diaper bags do just that—in fact they don’t even look like diaper bags at all. I used to pack two bags when I went out with my babies: my diaper bag and my purse. With something like this, you only need the one. Functional and stylish, they are exactly what busy moms need.

The bag I checked out included an insulated Snacky Sak for drinks and snacks, a machine washable padded changing mat and a detachable long shoulder strap (with an integrated stroller strap that allows you to attach your bag to your stroller handle). The inside is big and roomy with lots of pockets.

I love the fact that these bags are big enough to use as laptop bags once you’ve outgrown the need for a diaper bag. And since they’re pretty, you won’t think twice about using them with or without diapers stashed inside.


Top Picks from the 2017 New York Baby Show | Storksak diaper bag

There were so many great products it was almost impossible to narrow my top picks down to a few.

I easily could have included others like Savor (a beautiful keepsake storage system) or WaterWipes (my favorite chemical-free baby wipes) and don’t even get me started on all of the incredible stroller systems you could try out there (they even had a track where you could test strollers out over different surfaces like subway grates, grass, stones, and steps). It was seriously a new parents dream.

Which one of these is your favorite?

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