Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | stocking sweater

A few years ago, when I was pregnant with Ellie, my friends and I had an ugly Christmas sweater party. It was hilarious and ridiculous. We had a lot of fun and totally wanted to do it again. Fast forward a year and ugly Christmas sweaters were suddenly outrageously expensive.

I don’t know about you, but I have zero interest in shelling out $25+ to wear something once and laugh at its sheer ugliness. I’m way too cheap for that.

But I do still love the idea of a good ugly Christmas sweater. It just needs to be a cheap one. Like, maybe, a sweatshirt or sweater that I already own and never wear and a few dollar store embellishments. Now that sounds much better to me.

These ugly Christmas sweater DIYs having varying levels of difficulty, but all of them are nice and cheap. Now. Go forth and get ugly!

10 ugly Christmas sweater DIYs

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | stocking sweater

stocking sweater via HeatherOMade

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | kids ugly sweater

kids ugly sweater via One Artsy Mama

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | tinsel cardigan

tinsel cardigan via Pinterest

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | reindeer with glasses

reindeer with glasses via Life After Laundry

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | Christmas tree outfit

Christmas tree outfit via Sloppy Elegance

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | ugly tie tree sweater

ugly tie tree sweater via I Love to Create

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | gingerbread sweater

gingerbread sweater via Pinterest

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | lit up tree

lit up tree via The Cards We Drew

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | tacky vest

tacky vest via My Thrifty Chic

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs | tree skirt skirt

tree skirt skirt via Cassie Stephens

I didn’t realize it, but there’s an entire subset of pervy ugly Christmas sweaters that are… um… interesting to say the very least. Since I’m almost always in the company of small children who ask way too many questions, I’m going to go ahead and skip those. But feel free to get lost down the deep, dark rabbit hole of raunchy Christmas sweaters. Just know that what you find can’t be unseen. 😉

Have you made your own ugly Christmas sweater? I want to see it! Leave a link in the comments or tag me on social media.


10 ugly Christmas sweater DIYs

Written by Jennifer Garry
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